How to Make Telegram Anonymous?

How to Use Telegram Anonymously

Telegram is a popular messenger that was launched in August 2013. It quickly became one of the most popular messengers in the world. Its main features include message exchange, group and channel creation, the use of bots, and much more. The number of active users has exceeded 700 million worldwide.

More and more often, people ask how to use Telegram anonymously. This is an important task for several reasons. Firstly, it is about avoiding the attention of the "Big Brother" in the form of government agencies. Another aspect is hiding information from family, colleagues, or friends. This is particularly relevant as data leaks regularly occur. Few people want their contact lists, subscriptions, or other information to become public knowledge. Let's take a closer look at how to ensure complete anonymity in Telegram. This is a complex task that requires a serious approach.

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Is Telegram Anonymous?

Let's start with an important question: How confidential are the details we provide to this messenger? It is not ideal. Anonymous leaks in Telegram are not uncommon. The concept of privacy on the internet is becoming increasingly blurred. Just check yourself through the well-known "God's Eye" channel to see the tip of the iceberg.

Under standard conditions, using Telegram anonymously is quite difficult. You need to take a series of steps to protect your privacy.

How to Create an Anonymous Telegram Account

To register with this messenger, you need to use a phone number. There are no other options for creating a profile. Using your own contact is not the best solution as it is registered under your name. It can easily be identified and "checked" against databases. Even people who are far from law enforcement can do this.

The ideal solution is to use an anonymous Telegram number. You can buy it on the "Tiger SMS" website or use a free offer. A virtual number differs from a real one in that it has no physical carrier. An anonymous number for Telegram is not suitable for making calls; its functionality is limited to receiving messages. This is sufficient for registering an account in the messenger.

When registering for an anonymous Telegram number from "Tiger SMS," you can receive SMS through your personal account on the website. They arrive instantly after sending. For more detailed instructions, please follow the link.

Making Telegram Anonymous

Now we have an account that is not tied to a specific person. But that is not enough to become incognito. The next step is to use a VPN. These services hide the user's real IP address. It can be replaced with any other region or country.

We then proceed directly to the features provided by the messenger. We open the settings in the pop-up menu and select "Privacy". Here, we specify the security settings that we deem necessary. This allows us to view Telegram anonymously. The settings indicate who can see our phone number, send messages, and much more. You can set parameters so that outsiders cannot detect your profile or identify you in any other way.

How to Send Anonymous Messages on Telegram

Many users wonder if it is possible to completely hide their presence on Telegram. Do you want to send a message without revealing your username? The service does not allow for this possibility. Sending anonymously on Telegram is not possible as it is part of the company's policy.

Also, it is impossible to read a message in a way that the sender wouldn't know about it. The workaround is to disconnect from the internet. Then, you can read the message, but as soon as the connection is restored and you log into the messenger, the information will be updated. We have further discussed this topic in the article on how to write anonymously in Telegram.

How to create an anonymous chat in Telegram

Many assume that all conversations are completely confidential, but that is not the case. There is a special feature called Secret Chat. Such conversations are not decrypted by the server. They are only accessible on the sender and receiver's devices. Anonymous chat in Telegram allows you to set a time limit after which the conversation will be deleted.

To start, you need to find the pencil icon and click on it. In the options list, select "Create Secret Chat" and specify the person you want to chat with. Additionally, you can set a message deletion time. The maximum duration is 1 week.

Anonymous Telegram bot - what it is and how to use it

Bots have gained great popularity as they allow you to solve a wide range of tasks. One of their applications is entertainment. An anonymous Telegram channel (chat bot) is a special program that connects two random people without revealing their identities to each other.