Buy a virtual number for Telegram 2023

Buy a fake number for Telegram

Within several years Telegram became one of the most popular messengers as the concerns about privacy and censorship grow from day to day. Also, Telegram’s interface for channels and group chats made it a form of a social network, thus increasing the number of users. It’s a great application used all over the world and looks like it’s going to become even more popular.

Available on multiple platforms and offering cloud storage, Telegram is widely used by private persons, businesses and media influencers. Another aspect is its extraordinary API with the possibility to create chat-bots and even separate messengers - something that is impossible with other platforms. Needless to say, it’s now often an indispensable application for many businesses. In 2022 Telegram has over 700 million users daily, thus being one of the biggest players on the market of communication.

As the platform grows and offers unique features, more and more people are looking for a fake number for Telegram verification.

What are their reasons? Just to name a few:

  • It’s often more convenient to have a separate account (or accounts) for bots and promotional campaigns: you might need to give other people access to it or just keep it separate from your personal communications;

  • Many people are not willing to provide a personal number online as it is a big threat to privacy;

  • If you lost access to your personal account, getting a new one is often faster than trying to restore the previous;

  • Many people use several accounts for private purposes.

Being one of the most popular messengers in the CIS countries, north of Africa and Latin America, Telegram is an important tool for marketers and businesses.

How to get a virtual number for Telegram?

Those who need to create a virtual number for Telegram would not find an easier and cheaper solution than Tiger SMS. We put a lot of effort into making our platform incredibly user-friendly and reliable, so buying a virtual number for Telegram or any other online platform will only take a couple of minutes of your time.

The procedure is very simple:

1. Open the website of Tiger SMS and register on the platform.

2. Deposit some money to your account (depending on what service you want to register on). We support several payment methods.

3. Select a country for your virtual number.

4. Click “Buy” and go see the number on your personal page under the “Active phones” heading.

It’s really this easy. Several clicks, a couple of cents - and your number is ready to be used in Telegram or whatever service you chose. We support a lot of various platforms, so to save your time there’s a convenient search for offers on our website. Buy what you need and save your time for important things.

We constantly work to improve our service and enlarge the number of supported platforms. Check out our solutions and entrust us with your online privacy. 

The advantage of Tiger SMS for registering a Telegram account with a fake number

Telegram along with numerous other companies does not allow anonymous users, thus keeping your data private gets more and more difficult these days. We at Tiger SMS strongly believe that the Internet should have a place for anonymity, and we provide you with a solution for that.

Our services are reliable and affordable both for single-time users and for bulk customers who need a lot of accounts. You can totally trust us: we keep all the information about our clients and their purchases to ourselves and never share them with third parties.

There are also other arguments for using a Telegram account with a fake number:

1. Getting a real separate SIM card for registrations is not cheap these days, as well as keeping those numbers alive. Also, in almost any country you cannot get an anonymous real number anymore, those days are gone. On the other hand, we provide the same functions but absolutely anonymously (you’ll only need to put in your email for registration), with no concealed payment and with no need to actually go somewhere to get a SIM card. 

2. Even that little data we ask from our customers is completely safe with us. We do not reveal any data to anyone, and we don’t ask why you need an anonymous account on whatever platform.

3. We offer a wide choice of platforms and countries for your needs. Find what you need and buy as many as you want.

4. Our services are instant: your virtual number works right away, and a verification code will be received as fast as with your personal phone.

Advantages of using a virtual phone number for Telegram

We’ve discussed how to register Telegram with a fake number, but why would you do that in the first place? The Internet is full of spam and scam, and your personal number is the desired trophy for those dishonest people. We strongly recommend keeping it offline until it is absolutely necessary.

A couple of ideas to consider:

1. Avoid online surveillance and unwanted data collection.

2. Avoid hucksters: use services only when you need those, don’t let them shower you with unnecessary offers.

3. Using a virtual number is just simple and cheap and you only pay for an SMS, no need to pay for other mobile services that come as a package.