How to send anonymous messages in Telegram

How to write anonymously in Telegram

How to write anonymously in Telegram

Telegram is a messenger created by the Durov brothers in 2013. It allows users to exchange text, voice, and video messages, as well as send photos and documents. The service supports group chats and channels where users can communicate. According to statistics, Telegram has become a source of news and a communication platform for tens of millions of people from Russia alone.

The question of how to write anonymously in Telegram is often heard. This is especially relevant in our time when wrong words can lead to fines or more serious punishments. An anonymous Telegram account is also required for other requests - from making purchases to maintaining the privacy of personal life.

The standard functionality of Telegram does not provide sufficient confidentiality. Moreover, the main profile is linked to the phone number and personal information. The "Tiger SMS" service offers an effective solution to this problem. On the website, you can buy an anonymous Telegram number. This is a virtual contact that is not tied to a SIM card. Its cost starts at a few rubles, depending on the chosen country.

How anonymous numbers for Telegram ensure privacy

Let's take a closer look at how personal information is hidden. Buying an anonymous Telegram number means using a contact that cannot be linked to a specific person. A SIM card from a store is linked to the passport details of the owner. This can be traced not only by law enforcement agencies. Databases are constantly leaking onto the network. Even ordinary people with internet access can match a mobile number with a specific person.

An anonymous Telegram account requires additional protection. It is not enough to use a virtual number for registration. You should launch a VPN service to hide your real IP address. In this case, the probability of disclosing your identity will be almost zero.

How to buy an anonymous number for Telegram

The "Tiger SMS" service offers a simple scheme for purchasing. The site has an intuitive interface and a policy of affordable prices. The purchase of a virtual number takes place in several stages:

  1. Register a profile. With its help, you can use all the functionality of the store. We are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the user. You do not need to provide any personal information. If you used the one-click registration option (with data transfer from Vkontakte, Telegram, Google, or Facebook), personal information will remain confidential.

  2. Top up your balance. There is a large list of available payment systems, including cryptocurrency wallets. The transfer is credited to the account immediately, which is very convenient.

  3. To write anonymously in Telegram, buy a virtual number. In the left part, select the service (Telegram), in the right, specify the country. Click "Buy" to go to the payment page.

  4. All numbers are saved in the "Number History" section.

The above describes the first purchase, where it is necessary to create an account on the service. Then the procedure is performed in a couple of clicks.

How to create an anonymous account in Telegram with a virtual number?

Registration in the messenger takes place according to the classic scheme, with some features:

  1. Open the start window, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Set the correct country code, then enter the previously purchased number.

  2. The system notifies that an SMS has been sent.

  3. Go to the "Tiger SMS" website, where an SMS will be received anonymously for Telegram. Click the corresponding button and copy the code.

  4. All that remains is to return to the registration window and enter the numbers.

That's it, registration will be complete. We have received a profile that does not look suspicious to the security system and provides complete anonymity for its owner.

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