• How to buy a virtual number and pass SMS activation?

    1) Register with the service. To create an account, click here or find the “Register” button at the top right of this page one 2) Fill out a simple form. Enter your username, email address, come up with a password and agree with standard public policies; second 3) A verification letter will be sent to your email. Confirm the email address by clicking on the appropriate button;) third 4) Go to the number purchase page. Select the service you are interested in and one of the available countries of the telephone operator. After completing the above, you will find out the cost of a one-time SMS reception from the selected service; four 5) Top up your account with the required amount. You can use a bank card, electronic money or cryptocurrency; five 6) Go back to the service selection page and confirm the purchase by clicking on the “Buy” button; six 7) Under the service selection block in the 'Active phones' block, the generated phone number will appear in the format of the selected country. Copy it; seven 8) Go to the your service website and start registering a new account; eight
    9) Fill out the standard form. In the field for the phone number, specify the purchased virtual number; third
    10) The verification code will come to your account on “Tiger SMS” (you will find it next to the purchased number). Copy the code;) third 11) Insert the verification code in the appropriate field on the confirmation page of the number for the service account and click on “Continue“ Congratulations, the new service account is ready!

  • How fast will I get an sms?

    Receiving SMS and registering by a virtual number takes the same amount of time as when using a regular SIM card. If you do not receive an SMS with a verification code for a long time, then you can cancel the purchased number by clicking on the "Cancel" button. Funds will be instantly returned to your account. If you are using a country number that you are not currently in, using a VPN is recommended. Most services compare the country of the mobile operator and the actual location of the user.

  • How many messages can I receive on 1 virtual number?

    One virtual number can receive 1 SMS from a certain service selected during the purchase.

  • What ways to top up the balance does the service support?

  • If the site does not have the necessary service for SMS activation?

    Try to change the country of the mobile operator, as there may be no numbers for the country you have chosen. If this action did not bring results, contact the support service of our site.

  • Why are there no available numbers for the service I selected?

    The number of virtual numbers for each service is limited, and their availability directly depends on customer demand at the moment. If the numbers for the desired service are not available, then you need to wait a little, and we will definitely add new ones.