Best Russian dating sites - analog of Tinder

Best free Russian dating sites similar to Tinder

When it comes to dating apps, Tinder always ranks high in terms of convenience, number of users, and various other factors. However, since the end of July 2023, the Match Group company has permanently left Russia. This is due to the unwillingness to comply with the law regarding the storage of users' personal data within the country. This has left millions of people wondering if there is a replacement for Tinder in Russia in 2023. Let's delve into this matter in more detail.

What are the best alternatives to Tinder in Russia?

It's time to remember that people meet on a multitude of platforms. Among them, the most popular ones are:


A timeless classic, as the website appeared back in 2003. Currently, there is a convenient app available. It is a replacement for Tinder as it uses a similar interface and swipe function. The large number of users significantly simplifies the task of finding a partner. Price - free or starting from 279 rubles per week for VIP status.


Another long-standing website in the Russian internet space, which is also available as an app. It is a great way to meet people instead of Tinder, as there are over 20 million registered profiles. The number of active and real users is much smaller, but there are no problems with the search. The service focuses on finding serious relationships. Price - free or starting from 349 rubles per week for VIP status.

VK Dating

This service started relatively recently but quickly gained popularity. Vkontakte is considered the largest social network in the country, which provides a large audience. It is a convenient dating website instead of Tinder, also available as an app. A standard set of features for searching for a partner is provided. Price - free or 595 rubles per week for a Premium account.

Leonardo DaVinchik

Another popular dating service available to Vkontakte users. The system for finding a partner is implemented in a straightforward manner. A bot is used that suggests profiles based on user preferences. The simple functionality is compensated by accessibility, as there are no paid features.


Another app instead of Tinder, which grew out of a popular website in the 2000s. The service has a standard system for finding a partner. Among its features, there is a news feed and the ability to meet in chat rooms and communities. Despite this, Tabor never became a social network. Price - free or starting from 249 rubles per week for VIP options.


A choice for those who appreciate minimalism. Each profile has a photo and basic information. It is worth noting that there is a relatively small number of users, which makes the app not the best choice for small cities. Basic features are available without a paid subscription, and the cost of VIP status is 199 rubles per week.



When you need to find dating sites instead of Tinder, this is a good choice. It offers a standard set of options for meeting new people, including video chat, interest groups, and broadcasts. The total number of profiles is over 40 million, but the majority of them are inactive. The price is free or 999 rubles per week.

Recommendation: Dating apps instead of Tinder often require entering a mobile number for authorization. Not everyone wants to use their own contact. Databases are often leaked, leading to spam issues. It is important to remember about privacy, as using your own number will not go unnoticed by data collection services. Sometimes, there is a situation when you already have a profile and need a new phone. In this case, it is optimal to use a virtual number for registration.


Tinder and Badoo were the pillars of the online dating sphere in Russia. When they left, many people were left confused." Tinder alternatives in Russia are quite popular, with a similar interface and functionality. Most importantly, all the people looking for a partner have already migrated there.