How to Use a Virtual Number for Registration

Using a Virtual Number

Using a Virtual Number

A virtual number is a temporary phone number that is used to receive SMS messages. Unlike a real number, it does not have a physical carrier such as a SIM card. SMS messages can be received directly through the internet.

Using a virtual number for registration is quick and convenient. It allows you to create an account with full functionality. If you need to buy a virtual number, it is recommended to use the "Tiger SMS" service. This website has an intuitive interface and affordable prices. Messages with authorization codes are received instantly. 

Why Use a Virtual Number

The main purpose is to create profiles on various websites and services. Not everyone wants to provide their personal phone number for various reasons, such as the lack of an additional number or the desire for anonymity.

Anonymity of personal data plays an important role for many people. A regular mobile phone is tied to a SIM card, which requires you to provide your passport at a mobile phone store. Using a virtual number ensures confidentiality. It cannot be tied to a specific person.

Often, this service is the only option for registering an account, especially when a foreign mobile number is required. This is particularly relevant during various sanctions against Russian citizens. Without a foreign mobile number, you cannot register with Chat GPT, PayPal, and other services. It is important to note territorial pricing. This is when subscription to various services or the cost of goods changes depending on the buyer's location. It is easy to create a profile using a phone number from a specific country to receive maximum bonuses.

Mass registration of accounts is another situation where using phone numbers for SMS is a time and cost saver. Special anonymizer programs simplify the task.

 How to Use a Virtual Phone Number - Buying

The "Tiger SMS" service strives to offer customers the most favorable conditions. Let's look at the instructions for buying a virtual number: 

  1. Register an account. It is necessary to use the store, receive SMS, and much more. You can quickly create an account in one click.

  2. Top up your account with the required amount. Several payment systems are available.

  3. To use a phone number for registration, you need to buy it. As an example, let's purchase a phone for Amazon. This is a whole ecosystem that offers favorable conditions for first-time orders. First, choose the service, then the country. When the necessary data is entered, you can click "buy."

  4. We are taken to the next window, where the choice is confirmed, and the funds are debited.

All purchases are moved to the "Number History" section. They can be used at any time.

How to Use a Virtual Number for Receiving SMS

We need to create a new account in any service or application. This is a fairly simple task that we will discuss in detail:

  1. Go to the registration window. As in the previous section, the analysis will be performed using Amazon as an example. Enter the previously purchased virtual number, and after filling out the form, an SMS will be sent.

  2. To receive the message, go to the personal account on the "Tiger SMS" website. Here, select the specified number and click "Receive SMS." A code is provided, which should be copied or remembered.

  3. Return to the registration form. Enter the code and complete the profile creation.

 We have looked at how to use a phone number to receive SMS. You have an account with Yandex, which is no different from one created using a real mobile with a SIM card. The same situation will occur with any other service. Virtual numbers are a simple and convenient way to create new accounts.

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