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Why virtual numbers are needed for registering social media accounts

Why virtual numbers are needed for registering social media accounts

In 2023, it is impossible to access social networks without registering a phone number. The verification process, often involving SMS codes, is required everywhere. Account activation simply won't happen without it. This applies to popular platforms like VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and others. Even if you don't need the mobile app and prefer using the platform online from a PC, registering without a phone number is not possible.

What problems does a virtual number for social networks solve?

At first, providing a phone number for social media registration may not seem like a problem. Most reputable platforms do not send spam messages. The phone number attachment is only necessary to receive a confirmation code to verify that the specific account belongs to you. The same principle applies to phone numbers provided for messaging apps.

But if you already have one phone number registered with VKontakte and you intend to create additional accounts, this can become an issue. Similarly, if your main page is blocked, for example. The following are the main situations in which a virtual number for social networks becomes a real lifesaver.

Setting up multiple accounts to promote a group or page

Promoting a group or specific page using different accounts is a common marketing technique. Sending out mass messages, inviting users, and other similar activities cannot be done from the main page, as the platform can easily block such activities. It is also undesirable to do everything from one page. However, if you reduce the number of messages sent from the main account to just a few per day, it will appear more natural. 

Having multiple accounts also allows for the use of other promotion methods, not just invitations and messages:

- posting content;

- reposting;

- simulating activity within the group;

- increasing the number of likes and other reactions, which the platform's algorithm responds positively to.

2 or more accounts for dividing different areas of life

When hiring for a job, many HR managers review the applicant's social media profiles. This has become commonplace nowadays. They may reject you if they think that your lifestyle and way of thinking do not align with the company. To avoid limiting your self-expression possibilities but also not engaging in self-censorship, you can create multiple social media pages using registration numbers. Provide all your information, completely matching the application details, only for your "official page" where there will be no compromising content.

Gathering information

Many people use social networks to spy on their friends, partners, or sometimes, competitors. Without judging such actions, it is best not to engage in this activity from your main account.

Complete anonymity

If you do not want others to find out who wrote certain comments, it is safe to use virtual numbers for social networks. This increases the chances of not being exposed. However, keep in mind that this measure does not guarantee 100% confidentiality. Complete security is achieved through a comprehensive approach.

Blocking the main account

Registering a phone number in a social network will not help if you have already gone through this process and received a ban for various reasons. Even if you were blocked mistakenly, resolving the issue in VKontakte, for example, can take several days. A service that provides free private virtual numbers for social networks will work faster. Additionally, in most cases, you only need to receive an SMS once: afterwards, this function can be disabled.

Advantages of a virtual number for social networks

Purchasing a large number of numbers to solve all these tasks is expensive. It is also quite challenging if you are outside of Russia. However, registering social networks with a phone number is obligatory. In this case, you can use a special service like "TIGER SMS" that will help you pass SMS verification without using a SIM card. The platform offers inexpensive virtual numbers, and you are not limited in the number of purchases. The website provides access to all popular social networks: VK, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Having a large number of numbers from different countries allows you to create an account from the desired country without arousing suspicion or bans.

Virtual numbers for social network registration are only offered for those that have not been used in this capacity before. Understanding how such a service works is not difficult. However, if difficulties arise, you can always seek assistance from customer support.

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