Which VPN is the best choice for Instagram on different operating systems

Which VPN is better for Instagram: choosing the optimal service

Instagram is a popular social network based on sharing photos and videos. Users can create profiles, publish their content, follow other accounts, like and comment on posts, and use hashtags for convenient searching. Many users want to remain anonymous online, and in some countries, Instagram is even banned. In these cases, the most convenient solution is to use a VPN for Instagram.

A VPN is a special program that hides the user's real IP address and replaces it with another one. This technology is designed to overcome local restrictions and ensure anonymity online. Let's consider which VPN is better for Instagram on different platforms. We will pay attention to potential pitfalls and possible issues.

Can you use Instagram anonymously without a VPN?

Not everyone wants to install any software on their computer, phone, or other devices. That's why the question often arises of whether it's possible to use Instagram anonymously without a VPN. Technically - no. But there is an option to use an anonymizer through a browser. These are special websites that act as IP changers for the user.

The following anonymizers (online proxies) can be recommended:

• CroxyProxy;
• Dontfilter;
• BlockAway;
• Proxyarab;
• Quickprox;
• Proxyium and others.

The downside of online proxies is the low level of security. These are regular websites to which you will have to provide confidential information. Another disadvantage is the need to use a browser.

Choosing the best free VPN for Instagram

How do you choose the best service? A good VPN for Instagram should have high limits, high speed, activate with a single click, not "disconnect" and not be suspected of stealing user data.

When you need to download a VPN for Instagram for free, you can highlight several popular services:

• Planet VPN;
• Surfshark;
• PureVPN;
• AtlasVPN;
• hidemy.name;
• NordVPN;
• Ivacy;
• Hidemyass.

These are tested VPNs that meet the previously mentioned requirements. The free versions have limited functionality. However, for an Instagram user, this will be sufficient.

These services are available as programs for PC and mobile system applications. Some also have their own extensions for popular browsers (Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.).

TOP 5 paid VPNs for Instagram

This option is worth considering if you need a stable connection with the ability to choose a country and extensive functionality. Let's consider paid VPNs for Instagram on iPhone, Android, and other operating systems:

  • Surfshark
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanish
  • PrivateVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • ZenMate
  • ExpressVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Windscribe

For some, the price may seem too high. There is always an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the service during a free trial period (from 14 to 45 days). There is a proven way to save on subscriptions - take advantage of the "Black Friday" or similar event, when real discounts reach 70-85%.

Best VPN for Android for Instagram

Android is considered the most popular operating system for mobile devices. Let's take a closer look at free VPNs for Instagram that can be downloaded from the Play Market app store.

VPN Super. The absolute leader in terms of downloads. The main functionality is paid, but the free version is suitable for comfortable use of Instagram. There is no built-in advertising, and the distinctive feature is its own private browser.

Stolitomson VPN. We recommend downloading the VPN for Instagram on Android from this developer if you need a stable connection without interruptions and high speed. The free version provides IP address reconnection every 2 hours. The service is fully localized in Russian, and if necessary, the cost of an annual subscription is only 940 rubles.

Oko VPN. One of the highest-rated services for changing IP in the Play Market. All the necessary functionality is free. This is the best VPN for Android for Instagram when it comes to the number of IP addresses from different countries. In ordinary cases, free versions offer no more than 10 entry points. Oko VPN provides 17 countries with multiple IP addresses for each.

VPN Fast. The application meets all requirements - it provides fast connection, location selection, and does not disconnect. Among the huge number of reviews, there are no accusations of stealing user data. This is the best way to access Instagram through a VPN on Android, if not for a significant drawback. In the free version, you will have to periodically view ads (the video lasts 10-15 seconds).

Tomato VPN. The choice for those who want to get maximum speed. The app has a high rating on the Play Market and a large number of downloads. The free version contains minimal advertising that only appears when turning on and off.

You can download a VPN on Android for Instagram or any other blocked social network or website. Effective bypass of all local internet restrictions is provided.

Best VPN for iPhone for Instagram

In this section, we will look at options for accessing blocked resources for owners of "apple" products. The following apps occupy leading positions in the Apple Store:

TunnelBear. The tunnel bear combines high speed and a simplified interface. About 20 countries are available for connection. The main drawback is the restriction on 500 MB of free traffic per month for the free version. This is enough for periodic viewing of the Instagram feed, but active users are recommended to find another free VPN for iPhone for Instagram.

Opera VPN. Another service that was developed on the principle of "simplicity is the key to perfection." About 500 servers from a dozen countries are available, and activation takes just one click. All IP addresses are available in the free version without data volume limits. The only limitation is the relatively low speed.

Hotspot Shield. A versatile solution with a diverse functionality. The main focus is on providing a high level of user data security and anonymity. The free version does not allow choosing the country of connection and occasionally significantly reduces the speed.

Speedify. When it comes to choosing which VPN to download for Instagram on an iPhone, this application provides maximum speed. The main drawback is the limited amount of offered traffic (4 GB in the first month and 1 GB in subsequent months).

Private Tunnel. About 10 countries with multiple IP addresses for each are available for selection. The simple interface makes it easy and convenient to use. There are several restrictions in the free version that need to be taken into account.

We have reviewed good free VPNs for Instagram on iPhone. Disadvantages were indicated for each of them. It is important to understand that the downsides can be eliminated by purchasing a paid subscription. In this case, the features of different programs become roughly equal. The choice is based on individual perception of the interface and subscription cost.

Why Instagram doesn't work with VPN

So, you have activated the program and obtained a foreign IP address. After that, you go to the website and still see a white screen/error message? This is not an uncommon situation and there are several reasons for it.

VPN service blocking 

This is a common reason why Instagram doesn't work with a VPN. For example, many Windscribe users experienced this issue in 2022. Despite developers finding ways to bypass new restrictions, access is temporarily lost. As practice shows, such problems are common for free versions due to a limited number of available IP addresses. Subscribed users do not encounter additional blocks.

Exceeding limits or low speed

It has been mentioned before that free versions of programs have various restrictions. When the available amount of traffic is used up, the service disconnects the virtual address. Sometimes, Instagram doesn't work through VPN due to a very slow connection. The page simply cannot load. In this case, you need to wait or better yet, change to a faster IP address in the settings.

Something is broken

Yes, that happens with software. Here, two main strategies are noted. If you are using a free version, it is worth switching to another VPN. If you have a subscription, it is recommended to contact customer support.

How to achieve complete anonymity on Instagram

Do you need to ensure confidentiality when working with this social network? Under normal circumstances, this is difficult to do as a phone number is required during registration. Considering the popularity of information trading services, anyone can obtain comprehensive information about you.

So, how do you protect your data from being shared with third parties?

The most effective option is to use virtual numbers for receiving SMS during Instagram registration, which guarantee complete anonymity. For this, you can use the "Tiger SMS" service. The website has a separate section with numbers specifically for Instagram registration. It is convenient that the user has the option to choose the country of the mobile operator. The cost starts at just a few rubles, and there is also a section with free virtual numbers.

If you want to remain completely anonymous on Instagram and use the social network through a stable connection, we recommend using the paid version of a VPN in conjunction with an account registered to a virtual number.