How to login Tiktok without email or phone number

TikTok without a phone number - is it possible?

TikTok without a phone number - is it possible?

According to the official data, Tik Tok social application with short videos currently has over a billion registered users. Part of the platform’s success is that the whole system is very easy to use. Anyone can take a video with his phone, process it with the help of numerous tools right in the application and post it immediately. There are billions of entertaining videos for any sphere of interest. So, want to know how to login on TikTok without an email or a phone number?

More and more people are looking for solutions. Why? Sometimes users want to have a second account, sometimes they are just worried about their privacy online. A separate case is when numerous accounts are needed in pursuit of marketing and advertising strategies.

Can you message on TikTok without a phone number? 

As is the case with pretty much all social networks in 2023, the administration of the platform aims to inhibit the anonymity of their users. This helps them fight spammers and solve some other issues. Currently, there are a couple of direct methods to use TikTok without a phone number. You can check them out at the registration page of the official application.

How to log in on TikTok using your accounts at Vkontakte (VK), Google, Facebook, or Twitter

Registration at TikTok is now possible through your other social profile on:

In order to officially set up a TikTok profile without revealing your phone number you have to share your email address. If you want to use any of these social profiles for a TikTok account, just press a corresponding button. Let’s have a look at how it’s done through a Google account: a user presses a Google icon and is then offered to give the platform access to his personal info. Done.

How to verify TikTok without a phone number instantly

Using your other social profiles for TikTok authentication doesn’t actually solve the problem in the case of promotional needs or privacy concerns. You’ll still be obliged to reveal a significant piece of your personal information to the platform. Also, the application is going to regularly ask you for your phone number, thus making the use of the platform rather tiresome.

How to log into TikTok without a password or a phone number through the Tiger SMS platform

So, what is the solution? There’s a fast and affordable way to get on TikTok without a phone: use a tailored solution from Tiger SMS and get a special virtual phone number to verify your new account at TikTok. The phone number for TikTok would only cost 5 cents and you will not have to reveal any undesired information to the social platform.

Here is a guide for TikTok registration with the help of our service:

1. Register at the Tiger SMS website.

2. Go to “Top up” page, choose the method of payment and deposit the necessary amount to your account.

3. Return to the main page and choose the platform you want to register on. Then choose the country and the provider of your virtual phone number. Now press the “Buy” button. Done - your number is displayed in your personal profile.

Want to know how to change your phone number in TikTok without a phone number

Get an anonymous phone number for TikTok for only 5 cents at Tiger SMS. There’s no limit - you can buy as many numbers as you need.

How to verify at TikTok without a phone number using Tiger SMS

After you have bought your new virtual number, registration at TikTok will only take a few moments. Here’s a simple instruction:

1. Open the TikTok app and choose the registration through a phone number. Fill in all the other necessary fields and press “Send verification code”.

2. Go to your personal page at Tiger SMS and wait for a new message. You’ll receive a 4-digit code from TikTok - paste those numbers to finalize your registration.

3. Done. Your TikTok profile is ready. No need to use your real number - have it securely linked to a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

Reasons to go with Tiger SMS

Need to use TikTok without a phone number? We offer the most affordable and simple solutions:

our virtual numbers are cheaper than at competitor platforms;

verification code delivery only takes a couple of moments;

we have offers for hundreds of services from all over the world;

wide choice of payment methods.

We boast our partnership with over 260 mobile connection providers all over the world and this is not the limit! Feel free in your choice!

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