Navigating Telegram's New Registration Restrictions: Strategies and Solutions

Instruction. How to register Telegram in 2024

Instruction. How to register Telegram in 2024

Telegram has recently implemented stricter registration rules, making it nearly impossible to create multiple accounts quickly. This change has impacted numerous users, especially those who rely on the messenger for professional purposes. However, there are strategies available to circumvent these restrictions and continue using Telegram seamlessly.

Reasons Behind Telegram's Restrictions

  1. Combatting Spam and Bots: Telegram aims to foster a cleaner and safer communication environment by curbing spam and bot activities.

  2. Enhancing Security: Email confirmation serves as an additional security measure against unauthorized access and account theft.

Overview of the Restrictions

  1. Limit on Registrations: Users can no longer register multiple accounts from the same phone number within a short timeframe.

  2. Email Confirmation Requirement: Registering a new account now requires email verification.

Strategies to Overcome Restrictions

TIGER SMS: Offers virtual numbers that enable registration on Telegram, even with voice confirmation.

Alternative Services: Other platforms provide virtual numbers suitable for Telegram registration.

2. Countries Exempt from Email Verification:

Eligible Countries: Users can utilize numbers from countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA, England, and Cambodia, where email verification is not mandatory.

Automated Registrators: Some programs, like auto-registrators, can synchronize registrations with email databases.

Cautionary Note: Utilizing such services may entail certain risks.

Recommended Steps

  1. Utilize Virtual Numbers: TIGER SMS and similar services offer numbers that facilitate Telegram registration without the need for email confirmation.

  2. Stay Informed: Given the evolving nature of bypass methods, staying updated with the latest news is crucial.

  3. Exercise Caution: Certain methods, such as auto-registrators, may carry inherent risks.

Step-by-Step Guide for Email Registration via Virtual Numbers:

1. Visit the Gmail website (

2. Click on the "Create account" option and fill out the required details.

3. Navigate to the TIGER SMS website.

4. Complete the registration process and top up your balance.