Unlocking Telegram Registration Changes: TIGER SMS Offers Seamless Solutions Without Email Confirmation

Telegram - registration by email. Virtual numbers no longer work?

Telegram - registration by email. Virtual numbers no longer work?

Good day, this is TIGER SMS.

An urgent update regarding changes in Telegram registration that happened recently has surprised everyone registering multiple accounts on this messenger. Most likely, you've also encountered these changes.

The problem was very apparent, and initially, its solution seemed impossible, but we hasten to assure you that there are already many ways to bypass these restrictions. Certainly, the additional email verification raises significant questions for the Telegram management, but the messenger cares about the security of its users' communication and tries to combat the growth of mass registrations; in general, the logic behind such a decision is understandable.

However, for people whose income comes from various advertising mailings and other ways of earning money on Telegram, this has become a major problem. What to do now?

Do virtual numbers no longer work?

Let us reassure you right away – everything is fine. Developers of special software are adapting, and virtual number services help in solving the issue.

There are many ways that Telegram and other social networks, apps, and messengers use to block the possibility of mass registration, such as blocking certain providers, a huge number of numbers, they also "detect" your GEO during registration, so if you register via South Africa but are in Russia and don't use special services, the chance of registering and not falling under the autobahn's blow is very small. Certainly, you know this.

TIGER SMS virtual numbers are improving, and now our numbers allow registration and receiving SMS even in case of voice call confirmation.

We also cooperate with various software developers and help in solving challenging tasks related to such changes.

We also inform you that many of our numbers do not require email confirmation, these are numbers from Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA, England, Cambodia.

The solution is already there, adapt

Auto-registration is actively working on this issue and thinking about how to solve it with minimal risks and losses. For example, in some software, the ability to synchronize registrations with a specific email database has already been added, which you can create yourself or access emails from other services/directly in auto-registration via API.

And don't forget about our numbers, which can also help you register on Telegram without the need for email confirmation.

Alexei Volkov
Author: Alexei Volkov

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