@TigerSmsComBot – Get a virtual number in the best telegram bot for sms verification

Telegram bot for sms from the Tiger SMS platform - an easiest way for you to buy a virtual number

Telegram bot for sms from the Tiger SMS platform - an easiest way for you to buy a virtual number

Need a virtual number to authorize in a social media, web service or trading platform? Tiger SMS offers an advantageous combination of low prices, large selection, and instant messaging. Not everyone wants toulouse their time for signing up on the website and filling out a profile. We are pleased to offer you a faster and more convenient option - our sms-to-Telegram bot. Here, all the sign up procedures occur automatically, and you can replenish your account just in a couple of clicks

This temp sms telegram bot offers the same virtual numbers that are available on the site, but it does not require any registration at all. No any limits for our users in Telegram! The bot interface is made as simple and easy to manage as possible.

How to use sms telegram bot

We did our best to make the management and interface of our sms bot in Telegram as clear as possible for users. Let's take a look at the step-by-step instructions:

  1. In the top menu of the Tiger SMS website, select the Telegram Bot (you will be transferred to a new page, where they offer to open a chat in the application). You can also type the following address in the search line of your Telegram messenger app: @TigerSmsComBot, and get into the bot directly. 

  2. The start page appears. First, the user needs to click Start to run the telegram bot for sms.

  3. Let`s confirm the terms of the user agreement by clicking “I have read and agree”.

  4. To receive SMS in Telegram, you must have your own Tiger SMS account. Two options are offered - create a new by clicking Create account or continue with an existing (click Existing user).

  5. If you choose to create an account, the system will automatically register it, based on your Telegram details. Then you will see a menu with options along with information about your new profile.

  6. Choose the method for replenishing your account, since funds will be debited from it when buying a virtual number. Indicate the payment system, set an amount, and send the money. Your money will be transferred to your personal balance instantly.

  7. Once the balance is replenished, it becomes possible to fully use the functionality of the sms telegram bot. Select the Show Services List option.

  8. It should be said that the most popular among users are presented. If the option you are interested in is not in the list, select the Find Service option. Several hundred options are available, and the list is constantly updated. For example, let`s purchase a virtual number for VK social media. We indicate it in the list, and we select the desired quantity of numbers in the line below.

  9. The next window appears, where you need to specify the desired country of the virtual number. Click Show Countries List to go.

  10. Just like in the previous case, a list of the countries that are most popular among users appears. If there is no option of your interest, select the Find Country option.

  11. Once you have made a purchase, the bot provides you with a virtual number for SMS reception. Use it when registering in the selected service. As soon as the SMS is sent from the service where you are signing up, the bot will report that it has been received and display the verification code for you.

If you consider using Telegram bot for SMS, this service suits best for buying a small quantity of virtual numbers without unnecessary registrations and wasting time. More extensive functionality and the ability to purchase wholesale lots are available on the Tiger SMS official website. The final conclusion is that the Tiger SMS bot is great alternative for sms activate telegram bot or sms man bot telegram because it offers much cheaper one-time sms along with more convenient interface.

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