Register on Naver using a virtual number!

Register on Naver using a virtual number!

Register on Naver using a virtual number!

Want to sign up for popular South Korean portal Naver but don't have Korean phone numbers? There's solution!

Using temporary virtual numbers from TIGER SMS, you can complete registration on the portal while maintaining anonymity, confidentiality. This is convenient if you value your privacy online.

With TIGER SMS, you get:

•      The ability to bypass registration restrictions without real numbers

•      Complete anonymity, confidentiality registration

•      Availability of virtual numbers for different countries

How to register?

1.     Visit On the right side of the page, you'll find green box said "NAVER 로그인". 

2.     This will redirect to the signing up page, English language is available. Click on "Sign Up",  tick all checkboxes.

3.     Create a unique nickname, give email, and provide additional information. Stop when asked for a number. 

4.     Choose a service called TIGER SMS. Sign up platform, top up balance, obtain a Korean number. This will be the best option.

5.     Return to Naver, use the phone provided by the service. SMS with a code will be sent to you, which you need to enter and complete registration.

Хотите зарегистрироваться в популярном южнокорейском портале Naver, но нет корейского номера телефона? Теперь есть решение!-3

6.     You're done! Enjoy full functionality of superior, innovative Korean service!

Using temporary virtual numbers from TIGER SMS allows you to anonymously register on Naver, bypassing the requirement for real phone number confirmations. This is a convenient solution for those who value privacy online. Don't miss the opportunity to join Naver maintaining anonymity!


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