Get a temp Russian phone number

Purchase virtual SMS number in Russia

Purchase virtual SMS number in Russia

The realities of the modern Internet suggest that to register with many services and social networks, a phone number is required. This approach simplifies the process of creating a profile, as well as confirming identity. An additional advantage is reducing the amount of spam.

What to do if you are unable or unwilling to enter your phone number. You may hear suggestions to buy a new SIM card, use a relative's or friend's number and other options. This is not the best approach, as there is a simple and convenient solution. Tiger SMS service offers virtual numbers from Russia and any other country in the world at affordable prices.

What is a Russian virtual phone number?

Let's take a closer look at this issue. A Russian virtual phone number, unlike a real one, does not have a physical carrier in the form of a SIM card. You cannot call it, but it has the functionality of receiving SMS via the Internet. This factor is the key when choosing.

Virtual numbers allow you to register for services while hiding your real number, enhancing privacy and security. Let me know if you have any other questions about virtual numbers.

A virtual Russian SMS number has a number of advantages over a real one:

Price. The cost starts from a few rubles, depending on the service for registration.

Saving time. It is worth noting not only the possibility of not visiting a communications salon, but also the simplicity of receiving an SMS code.

Anonymity. An important disadvantage of a real number is the need to register with a passport in a communications salon. A virtual contact does not bind anything to a specific person. Anyone can use it.

It is profitable to buy a Russian number in the case of mass registration. Specialized resources, including "Tiger SMS", offer the sale of batches of any size. As for the purchase of one contact, users of the service will also not have any problems.

Why do you need to buy a Russian virtual number

Previously, it was already said about the simplicity of use and anonymity. These are important advantages, but there are situations when buying a Russian number online is the only option. The simplest example is registration on the Gosuslugi service from another country. If you do not have a Russian SIM card, it is impossible to do this. A virtual contact opens doors that were previously closed.

Another relevant situation is also actual. Everyone knows the situation with different prices for services for users from different countries. This is especially relevant for digital products where the location of the user does not matter. In order to take advantage of the bonus, you will need to register using the number of a particular state.

It is worth remembering the current problem of sanctions. In this case, you need to buy a phone number, Russia is not suitable as the selected country due to blocking. It will be enough to specify any other state in the menu when purchasing. Examples can be the neural network ChatGPT, the payment system PayPal and many other services.

Buy a Russian virtual phone number for SMS

Let's move directly to considering the instructions. It is compiled for the "Tiger SMS" site:

1. Register an account. Only a profile will allow you to use the full functionality, including the purchase of a Russian number for SMS. The system is designed to ensure maximum protection of user data. Either an email or one-click account creation by importing data is used for registration.

2. Top up the balance in one of the ways offered. Transfers of any amount are allowed, depending on the payment system.

3. At this stage, you need to buy a Russian phone number. We choose the service in the left column, the list of available countries is displayed on the right. We choose Russia and click the "Buy" button.

4. We go to the page where funds are debited.

The number is available in the "Active numbers" section. It is here that the SMS will be displayed when it is sent. Within 20 minutes of purchase, you can click the "Cancel" button and the funds will be returned to the account without any additional conditions.

From my experience providing virtual number services, I can confirm that the anonymity they provide is invaluable for maintaining privacy and security online. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Alexei Volkov
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