Not receiving WhatsApp verification code via SMS, what to do?

Not receiving SMS with WhatsApp verification code: step-by-step troubleshooting

WhatsApp is a popular messenger that allows users to communicate with each other easily. All you need to do is download the app on your phone. It allows you to send and receive various messages and files, make calls, chat with friends, or conduct business negotiations. Therefore, when you don't receive SMS with a verification code from WhatsApp, you cannot log in and lose access to many convenient tools. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and understood.

But if you are unable to quickly receive a message from the messenger and don't have time to wait, you can always use virtual numbers for WhatsApp registration. They are very affordable and allow you to receive a message with a verification code directly on the website where they are sold.

So, if you're not receiving WhatsApp SMS, don't worry. You can use a virtual number service instead and quickly create an account. And remember, no one will know your real details.

Why don't I receive SMS from WhatsApp during registration?

It is not always easy to install the application and receive an SMS from the messenger. The reasons can vary:

  • Sometimes, WhatsApp SMS doesn't arrive because you are too impatient. You simply need to wait. Usually, waiting for 5 minutes is sufficient, although there may be other situations.
  • Message request not completed. In this case, you don't receive SMS with the WhatsApp verification code because you forgot to click on the "Next" button. Make sure you have done everything correctly.
  • Phone memory is full. Often, WhatsApp SMS doesn't arrive because there is no space for new messages. Check your phone's memory.
  • Incorrectly entered number. Often, SMS from WhatsApp doesn't arrive during registration because you made a mistake with one digit. Double-check if everything is correct.
  • Date or time synchronization issue. Sometimes, SMS with the WhatsApp verification code doesn't arrive because your phone has a date or time synchronization issue. Make sure the automatic setting for these parameters is enabled on your phone.
  • Signal problems. Occasionally, WhatsApp SMS for activation doesn't arrive because the signal from the operator is too weak or intermittent. Ensure the quality of your connection. In some cases, restarting your phone can help.
  • Hardware issues. SMS may also not arrive when installing WhatsApp if your SIM card or even the phone itself is not functioning properly.

It's good if the problem is easily fixable. But what if none of the items on this list apply to your case? It is possible that there are issues on the WhatsApp side, and you need to try logging in later. Another option is to create an account with another number. If you don't want to buy an expensive SIM card, SMS activation services are optimal for this purpose.

SMS from WhatsApp does not come: use virtual number for activation

If you are not receiving an SMS from WhatsApp, you can use a virtual number for activation. There are numerous websites that offer temporary numbers for receiving SMS from specific services, usually for a small fee. The main advantage of this service is its low cost. For example, on the "TIGER SMS" website, you can purchase a number for WhatsApp registration for as low as $0.2-$1, depending on the country of the mobile operator. Therefore, if you are not receiving an SMS with the WhatsApp confirmation code on your SIM card, you have the option to use a virtual number. Here's how to register WhatsApp with a virtual number:

1. Create an account on the "TIGER SMS" website.

2. Top up your account with the desired amount.

3. Select "WhatsApp" on the left side and the country of the mobile operator on the right side.

4. Copy the number and paste it during the registration process in WhatsApp.

5. Return to the "TIGER SMS" website and click on "Get SMS".

6. Insert the received code into the corresponding field in WhatsApp.

So, if you are not receiving an SMS with the WhatsApp confirmation code, it's not a problem. Now you have a complete instruction on what to do.