How to create a LinkedIn account without a phone number

LinkedIn account without a phone number

LinkedIn account without a phone number

As with almost any other social platform, LinkedIn requires an SMS authorization in order to use the functions of business media. Consequently, more and more people are looking for a way to create LinkedIn without a phone number.

Privacy concerns are not the only reason for registration without a phone number. Users often need a second account for some business or promotional activities - in this case they either have to buy separate SIM cards or use a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

A virtual number is the easiest and cheapest option to register anywhere without a phone number in 2023. Read on to find out how to do that.

How to sign up for LinkedIn without a phone number?

Technically, you can use LinkedIn without a phone number. An account created without verification is a limited version for not professional purposes. You’ll be able to use part of the system’s functions. In order to have access to all of the functions one has to confirm his account through an SMS.

If a non-professional account is what you’re looking for, then just log in using your email or Google account. After filling in a couple of standard fields you’ll be able to enter the system.

If you’re looking for a fully functional account, go with a virtual number. Here’s a short guide about how to buy a virtual number for LinkedIn. Register without a phone number and use all of its functions for just a couple of cents.

LinkedIn sign up without a phone number through Tiger SMS

Tiger SMS is a provider of virtual phone numbers for registration on various online platforms. If you are looking for a simple way to create an anonymous account somewhere - this is the solution you’ve been looking for. A number for LinkedIn costs only 5 cents and would require virtually no effort to use. 

What are the other advantages of our services?

  • We offer low prices for verification messages from virtually any online service.

  • You can get a virtual number from a huge variety of countries - it’s often important what country your account is linked to.

  • Our interface is simple and clear - you won’t need any special knowledge in order to buy and use a virtual number.

  • In case you face any difficulties, our online support is always ready to help.

Our service is fast and cheap. Create new secure accounts within seconds!

How to create a LinkedIn account without a phone number in a location where the platform is not available?

LinkedIn is not available in several countries, unfortunately. One of them is Russia, for example - the platform has been blocked by a supervision bureau. Thus, if you’re from Russia, you cannot use the platform in a normal mode. Even when using a VPN to get onto the website, your Russian number might be blocked, or the verification code would not arrive. 

That’s when a virtual number from Tiger SMS comes in handy! Get a virtual number from any country and create a fully functional safe account on LinkedIn. No risk for your future account, no need to expose your personal number and guaranteed access to the platform - all of that just for a couple of cents.

Thanks to Tiger SMS, in 2023 you don’t need to look for shady options in order to keep your identity private online. Refrain from exposing your data where possible, use secure access through virtual numbers where applicable - and use the possibilities of the online world to its full potential!

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