Ger a virtual Indian phone number for sms

Get a temporary Indian Phone Number

To register on various services, it is almost always necessary to enter a mobile phone number. An SMS will be sent to it, which is entered in the profile creation window. This not only simplifies the process for users but also increases the complexity of creating fakes or bots for spamming.

It is not necessary to use a real phone number. There is an alternative option - to get a temporary Indian Phone Number. The Tiger SMS service offers such services. The distinctive feature is the absence of a physical carrier (SIM card). SMS messages are sent to the user's personal account.

Do you need Indian phone numbers? They are available in large numbers for various services on the Tiger SMS website. The affordable cost and easy purchasing system, which only requires two clicks, are noted.

Why you need to buy an Indian phone number

The question often arises of why a mobile phone number of this country is needed. An Indian phone number allows you to take advantage of local price reductions, which are typical for some services. This will make purchases or subscriptions more profitable, from a financial point of view. In most cases, changing the region to India will not cause any additional problems for the user.

Buying an Indian number for SMS is also beneficial for other reasons. It is a way to bypass sanctions or blocks. For example, the Chat GPT neural network works in India but is not available when using Russian phones. This should be taken into account when registering on various services.

How to buy an Indian phone number

Let's consider the instructions using the Tiger SMS service as an example

  1. Create a profile. Only a registered user can make purchases and use other functionality.

  2. Top up the balance. You need to specify the payment method and the amount. The funds are credited to the account instantly or within a few minutes.

  3. It's time to buy a phone number in India. In the store, specify the service of interest. When this is done, move on to the country. For most services, Indian numbers are available for receiving SMS messages.

  4. Confirm the purchase. The funds will be debited from the personal account.

If you need to purchase a large batch, you should contact the site manager directly. An individual discount will be offered, and the conditions will become more favorable.

Using a virtual number is quite simple. It is entered in the corresponding field during registration. To receive SMS messages, you just need to click the corresponding button in the user profile.

How to get an Indian phone number for free

It is not necessary to purchase a virtual phone in the store. Free offers are available on the Tiger SMS website. They can be found by going to the corresponding section. To use a free Indian phone number, registration is not required; it is available to anyone interested.

Let's provide a step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Free Numbers section. Here is a list of contacts that anyone can use without any restrictions.

  2. Find the required phone number and enter it when registering on the interested website or application. It is important to preview the activation list beforehand because you cannot create two profiles from the same number.

  3. The SMS will be displayed immediately; just copy the authorization code.

It should be noted that Indian phone numbers appear in the public domain quite rarely. If you did not find a suitable option, it is recommended to visit the store. The purchase will cost only a few rubles, and the service offers the opportunity to top up your personal account for a small amount.