How to Use Neural Networks to Create TikTok Video

How Artificial Intelligence in TikTok Composes Scripts for My Videos

How Artificial Intelligence in TikTok Composes Scripts for My Videos
Social media platforms can be used for entertainment and communication with others. However, when used properly, they can also be a source of good income or a way to promote business online. And you don't need to have deep knowledge in SMM (Social Media Marketing) or hire expensive specialists to achieve this. Artificial intelligence can take care of most of the work.
Short videos have been a trend in recent years. TikTok is the leading platform for publishing this format, although Instagram Stories and YouTube Shorts should not be underestimated either.
Promoting accounts using neural networks in TikTok or any other social media involves multiple actions. But it all starts with coming up with scripts for short videos. If you don't want to pay a high salary to a scriptwriter, we suggest following the instructions that will help you solve this task with the help of neural networks.

How to Utilize Artificial Intelligence in TikTok

Artificial intelligence refers to computer programs that work on algorithms simulating the human brain. During training, they process large amounts of information, generalize it, and systematize it. Based on the acquired materials, they can draw certain conclusions. In this article, we will explore how to use a neural network to create videos for TikTok.
The neural network suggests topics, "writes" scripts, and helps choose hashtags based on an analysis of previously successful stories and videos. With its assistance, the resulting product is likely to trend and reach a wide audience. However, it cannot guarantee this 100%.
The most well-known AI is the language model from OpenAI called ChatGPT. The free version allows users to utilize version 3.5, but a more advanced version, version 4, becomes available with payment.

Interaction order with ChatGPT to create a TikTok script

Let's break down step by step how you can use artificial intelligence in TikTok to create a script for your video

Choosing a topic

It can be anything depending on the channel owner's personal preferences or the business goals they want to achieve. To gain more views and reach a wider audience, it is important for the theme to be interesting to the TikTok community as a whole or to potential buyers (if the goal is to promote products or brands).
You don't need to come up with ideas on your own. The neural network for creating TikToks can "suggest" a list of ideas for you. The main task is to formulate the request correctly.
It can look like this:
"What are the currently trending topics on TikTok?"
or more specifically:
"What topics on TikTok are interesting to people involved in sports?"
For example, ChatGPT considers the following topics to be the most relevant:
  • Challenges
  • Fashion trends
  • Tips and life hacks
  • Beauty and makeup
  • Food and cooking
For the second query, the response would be:
  • Workouts and exercises
  • Progress and achievements
  • Nutrition and health
  • Competitions and extreme sports
  • Exercise techniques
You can generate topics multiple times and use them as they are or use them as a basis to come up with your own variations.

Writing a TikTok script using a neural network 

This process is no different from generating topics. The main task is to formulate the request (prompt) correctly. It should be as detailed as possible. It can specify:
  • video format;
  • stylistics;
  • specifics of the audience;
  • number of actors;
  • any other information.
It is not necessary to include all this data in one request. It can be gradually specified, and the neural network will adjust the script based on user requests.
For example:
"Come up with a script for a TikTok video about chest muscle workout in the gym."
An example of a generated script for a sports-themed video is presented below:
Shot 1: [You enter the gym, smiling at the camera] Text: "Get ready for an intense chest muscle workout! πŸ’ͺ"
Shot 2: [You stand in front of the chest machine, doing a few warm-up sets] Text: "Let's start with warm-up sets to get warmed up!"
Shot 3: [Close-up shot of the machine's barbell that you will take] Text: "Proper barbell positioning is crucial!"
Shot 4: [View from behind as you begin doing dumbbell bench presses] Text: "Focus and control your movement during dumbbell bench presses."
Shot 5: [Performing a set of dumbbell bench presses with commentary] Text: "Smooth movements and deep negative - that's the secret to an effective workout!"
Shot 6: [Transitioning to another exercise, such as Smith machine bench press] Text: "Let's switch to another exercise for a complete chest muscle workout."
Shot 7: [Frontal view as you perform Smith machine bench press] Text: "Pay attention to both the upper and lower parts of the chest muscles."
Shot 8: [Gradually increasing weight and continuing the workout] Text: "Gradually increase the workload to make progress!"
Shot 9: [Resting after the workout, exhaling and smiling] Text: "Chest muscle workout is a challenge, but the results are worth it! πŸ’ͺ"
Shot 10: [Information about your profile appears with a call to action] Text: "Follow my workouts for more tips and motivation! πŸ‘Š"
Closing shot: [Your logo and hashtags] Text: "Strong chest muscles are your key to success! #ChestWorkout #FitLife"
End the video with a call to action, such as subscribing to your account, leaving comments, etc., to engage viewers with your content.
Note that the AI also suggested hashtags to properly categorize and promote the video. However, you can generate them separately to increase reach and views among the target audience.

Script Correction

After generating content, it needs to be edited. This will help humanize the text and give it individual characteristics that are characteristic of the specific author. In this case, the videos will be recognizable and stand out from competitors.
The script can be used as a basis for your own ideas or simply to correct errors and make improvements according to personal views of what is beautiful.
If the first generated script is not suitable, you can simply ask for a new one to be created. The AI can also format the script in a convenient way for various editors, so there is no need to manually enter the text.
For example:
"Make all frames in the form of a table."


Scene Description

Text on screen


You enter the gym, smiling at the camera

"Get ready for an intense workout! πŸ’ͺ"


You stand in front of the chest press machine, doing warm-up sets

"Warm-up sets to get your muscles ready"


Neural networks are a great assistant or "co-pilot" that helps prepare content and promote TikTok accounts. But it cannot do all the work and fully automate the process. Additional tools can be used for this.
For example, an online neural network for TikTok can prepare a series of 100-200 videos with interesting quotes from great people or short humorous statements. In this case, the AI will generate the content and distribute it in table cells. Then it can be uploaded to Figma and automatically create multiple videos in 30-40 minutes, which can be posted over the course of one or two months. But we will talk about this next time.
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