ChatGPT in Russia - registration, how to use and features

How to use Chat GPT in Russia

How to use Chat GPT in Russia

ChatGPT neural network was publicly available relatively recently, but it has already managed to make serious changes in many areas. If you compare it with its predecessors, OpenAI made a huge step forward. Chatbot performs a lot of functions so well that there is already talk about global changes in different areas.

If you want to open ChatGPT in Russia, you will face the following window.

You need to use VPN services to bypass the blocking. They substitute the real address of the user in the network. There are many services that offer their services for a fee or for free. Since the amount of data transmitted is small, it fits into a small limit. This allows you to use free VPN services without compromising the quality of interaction with the chatbot.

A separate point is the need for registration. The Russian number is not on the list of available, which requires the use of a foreign contact. This is where the Tiger SMS website can help. The resource allows you to buy a virtual number for registration in ChatGPT at an affordable price. The first time you need to spend no more than a few minutes, then you can get by with a couple of clicks.

Chat GPT in Russia for free or buy a subscription - what to choose

Since the beginning of 2022, the Plus option is available to users. Subscription costs $20 per month and provides a number of benefits:
  • reduced response time;
  • when interacting with the neural network during peak hours, no additional restrictions are imposed and no disconnection occurs;
  • access to new features is provided on a priority basis.

Thus, you can use Chat GPT in Russia for free, practically on the same terms as for the subscription holders. Its registration is relevant if you are planning to use the neural network for work, or just want to support the OpenAI team.

Chat GPT in Russia - how to buy virtual number

Let's carry out a detailed analysis so that there are no questions on this subject. To buy a virtual number, we need to register an account in "Tiger SMS" and use the store. This is done in a few simple steps.

1. We create a profile. We enter the e-mail address or pass the registration in one click by importing the data.

2. Let's proceed with refilling the account. It is necessary to pass to the special section where you will be offered several payment systems to choose from. There is also a description about minimal sum and commission size.

3. Let's proceed with the purchase. First, you need to select OpenAI service in the left column. The list of countries will appear in the right field, indicate the appropriate one, the "Buy" button will be activated. As there are a lot of services and countries, you do not need to look for the appropriate variant in the list, you can use the search box.

4. Go to the page, where you specify the number of purchased numbers and the funds are deducted.

5. All purchased numbers are available in the "Numbers history". For convenience, the list can be sorted by various criteria.
You can use them in the future to connect ChatGPT from Russia. Purchased virtual numbers can be used at any time as they are saved for the account owner.

How to register from Russia in Chat GPT

Let's proceed directly to how to create an account and use all the features of neural network. Step by step instruction is as follows.

1. To avoid getting blocked in the window, activate VPN. Choose the option to create a new account.

2. The system will ask you to enter your email address and pass robot verification.

3. Fill in additional information. This is part of how to start ChatGPT in Russia.

4. This begins the stage where you need to enter the virtual number you purchased earlier. Do not forget to set the correct country. Let's press the "Send code" button.

5. Now, go back to the site "Tiger SMS". Messages come instantly or within a short period. Go to the appropriate page, where we copy the access code.

6. Enter the code at the OpenAI site.

Congratulations! We prepared full solution for you how to get access to ChatGPT in Russia. There are no restrictions for an account created this way.

Chat GPT analogues in Russia on russian language

Want to try your hand in the world of neural networks? Chat GPT by OpenAI in Russia is one of the most advanced, but not the only option. The need to use a VPN and a foreign number can complicate the interaction with the bot. It is worth listing a number of analogs:

  1. Writesonic. In addition to the communication option, generates pictures by text description.
  2. Browse AI. Suitable for those who want to get detailed information about certain products from online stores. Its main function is to gather information and upload it as an excel table.
  3. Browse AI. A popular bot, which can help in writing articles, various documents and texts of any kind.
  4. Browse AI. A neural network for communication, which is able to generate a response to a specific person, based on the analysis of posts in social networks.
  5. Replika. An interesting system for everyday communication in a format chosen by the user.
An important advantage of connecting to ChatGPT from Russia is the versatility of the neural network. It is not just a bot, but a full-fledged assistant, which uses the power and algorithms, surpassing the previously described options.
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