How to register through a fake phone number for YouTube verification

How to use a fake phone number for YouTube verification in 2023

YouTube, just like almost any modern online platform, doesn’t let its users use the full potential of the service without a confirmed account. As it becomes obligatory pretty much everywhere, people start looking for ways around. If you too feel that providing your phone number to every platform is a bit too much exposure, you found an ally here. Read on and find out how to avoid sharing your phone number and still use verified accounts with a fake number for YouTube verification.

The secret is using a virtual number for registration. From the point of view of the platform you’re going to be a fully verified user, but from your side, you’re getting a completely anonymous account. The most reliable platform for buying virtual numbers is Tiger SMS. Here you can get a number for any online platform for just a couple of cents - not a price for online safety. If you’ve never used a virtual number before - try one with your new YouTube account and see for yourself how simple and cheap it is.

How to get a fake number for YouTube verification with Tiger SMS?

Forget about dealing with all the spam and scam which inevitably comes once you share your number online. Why not start registering with virtual numbers? YouTube is a good platform to start changing your habits.

When using a virtual number, the only difference is that you’re going to receive your verification code online instead of on your phone. Otherwise, the registration procedure is pretty much the same. What are the advantages of using a fake phone number for YouTube verification, then?

  • A virtual number is cheaper than using a dedicated SIM card for verifications.

  • A virtual number gives you a completely anonymous untraceable account.

  • Your new account is reliable, and you don’t bear any risks.

In 2023 finding a provider of virtual numbers is not hard. We wouldn’t recommend trusting them all blindly. Tiger SMS has certain benefits that make it stand out compared to competitors.

  • The main thing is that we guarantee the successful reception of your verification code.

  • Also, we offer low prices even for single-time users. 

  • We have hundreds of numbers for almost any online service.

  • Our numbers come from all over the world, and you’ll be able to choose a location.

  • Additional discounts for bulk customers.

  • Since our platform is streamlined and clear, the whole procedure takes only a couple of minutes. 

  • Should you encounter any issues, our support team is always ready to help.

How do I use a fake phone number for YouTube verification with Tiger SMS?

Below you’ll find short instructions on using a virtual number for verification. Not that you need any guidance in the process, but you’ll see that the whole thing is very simple.

  1. You’ll start with registration on Tiger SMS with an email.

  2. On the main page there’s a catalogue of supported platforms. Find Gmail on the list and think which country you want your number from.

  3. Check the price for a verification message. Put the money into your account (we support several payment methods).

  4. Buy the number you want (by the way, it’s good not just for YouTube but for any Google service as well).

  5. Find your number on your personal page under the “Active Numbers” heading. It’s good to use now. After you’ve requested the verification, you’ll find your code on the same page. Your account without a phone number for YouTube verification will be ready once you confirm it.