How to Top Up Balance on TIGER SMS Website

How to Top Up Balance on TIGER SMS Website

How to Top Up Balance on TIGER SMS Website

In this article, we will look at all the options available for topping up the balance on the TIGER SMS website at the moment.

1) Topping Up via Cryptomus This payment method is one of the simplest and most convenient for all users.

1. Go to the top-up balance tab


2. Choose the Cryptomus payment method

3. Enter the amount you want to credit to your balance below

4. Click on top-up

5. Next, a payment window opens where you need to select the cryptocurrency and network

6. Click on the confirmation button and scan the QR code.

7. Complete the payment.


2) Top-up via Alipay Topping up via Alipay is perfect for Chinese users.

1. Choose the Alipay payment service and click on top-up.

2. You will be redirected to a website where you need to select the amount you want to credit to your balance.

3. Enter contact information below by choosing one of the two options provided and confirm the payment. Remember to pay attention to the commission.

4. You need to return to the TIGER SMS website and enter the payment confirmation code from the payment system to complete the payment. To do this, enter the order number in the search engine.

5. Upon successful search, payment information will be displayed, and at the bottom of all this information, you will find the card password (kami/卡密). This is what you need to enter on the payment page.

6. To use the card password correctly: first click on the button of the payment system you used. After that, you can successfully use the card password.


3) Top-up via Lava Wallet

1. On the payment method selection page, choose ""LAVA"" from the options provided.

2. After selecting LAVA, you will be redirected to the LAVA service website to make the payment.

3. Log in to your LAVA account. If you do not have an account, register and follow the instructions on the website to create an account.

4. Check the amount and order details on the LAVA page. Note that the amount you want to credit should be indicated including the commission on the TIGER SMS website and the LAVA payment service. In this case, the payment will be 316.51 rubles.

5. Choose the source of funds ( LAVA account balance).

6. Click the button to confirm the payment. Depending on security settings, you may need to enter a one-time password (OTP) or confirm via the LAVA mobile app.

7. Wait for the payment to be processed. This may take a few seconds. After a successful payment, you will be redirected back to the seller's website where you will see the order confirmation.

8. Confirmation receipt: You will receive a confirmation of the payment completion and order information to the email or phone you provided.


4) Top-up via Bank Cards of Russian and CIS Banks. The easiest and most understandable top-up method for most users from Russia. 

1. Choose the desired payment method

2. Enter the required amount and click on top-up.

3. You can pay via QR code or choose the option ‘'Pay via SBP''. Remember that you must specify the amount including the commission, in this case, 336 rubles.


5) How to Top Up Your Balance Using WeChat Pay. This method is similar to Alipay and is suitable for Chinese users

1. Choose the payment method through WeChat and click on ‘'top-up'' below.