Inviting on Telegram 2024

How to start inviting on Telegram in 2024

How to start inviting on Telegram in 2024

Telegram has proven itself as a powerful platform for building communities and finding like-minded individuals. Its user-friendly interface and large user base attract both regular users and marketers looking to expand their customer base. However, traditional advertising methods don't always yield the desired results. Invite marketing, an alternative approach, allows for direct interaction with potentially interested individuals.

The process of inviting users to Telegram involves several key stages:

  • Finding the Right Audience: Actively search for groups and channels that best match your theme and have a large number of subscribers. Then, using specialized tools, gather the usernames of these users for further interaction.

  • Launching the Campaign: Create your own chat and begin adding contacts from your list en masse. In this chat, provide up-to-date information and highlight the advantages of your channel, inviting participants to subscribe.

Software for Invite Marketing:

To expand your audience on Telegram, paid services that offer automated invite marketing are often used. Among them, popular programs such as Telegram Expert stands out for its functionality and pricing policies. This tool allows for the automatic creation of accounts, as well as parsing and adding users to selected chats and channels. Mastering the use of such software enables you to conduct invite marketing independently with minimal effort. The interfaces of this program is intuitive, and setup takes minimal time, making the campaign launch process highly efficient and convenient.

API for Telegram Account Registration:

We suggest using temporary virtual numbers from the TIGER SMS service for invite marketing on Telegram. This will help increase the effectiveness of your campaign and reduce customer acquisition costs.

TIGER SMS offers an API that allows you to work with a large number of numbers. This tool provides a set of instructions and protocols to simplify the integration of your software with our service. We provide integration support for a variety of software solutions, including account auto-registrators.

Special Conditions for Wholesale Clients:

We offer special conditions to our wholesale clients. When purchasing 100 or more numbers, you receive a personalized tariff with a discount. Want to learn more about possible discounts? Contact our support team on the TIGER SMS website or through the official account @Tigers_sms for consultation with our specialists.


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