How to make money on ChatGPT

How to start farming ChatGPT accounts and make money from it

How to start farming ChatGPT accounts and make money from it

In the modern world, where virtual communication is becoming increasingly prevalent, creating and managing multiple accounts can be a lucrative venture. However, often the obstacle to having multiple accounts is the identity verification requirements that services impose when registering new users. In this article, we will discuss an effective method to bypass such limitations, based on the use of virtual numbers, for farming ChatGPT accounts, and explore how you can earn money from it.

Part 1: Fundamentals of ChatGPT Account Farming

Before we delve into techniques involving virtual numbers for the creation and administration of numerous ChatGPT accounts, it's crucial to grasp the concept of "account farming." In essence, farming revolves around the creation of accounts with the explicit purpose of later selling them.

Part 2: Utilizing Virtual Numbers for ChatGPT Account Setup

Virtual numbers represent an alternative to traditional phone SIM-cards, enabling registration on online platforms without the necessity of disclosing a real number. These numbers facilitate the creation of accounts while maintaining personal information privacy. To initiate an account setup using a virtual number, one must first opt for an SMS verification service, such as TIGER SMS, and complete registration on its platform to acquire a temporary number. Subsequently, navigate to the ChatGPT website or application, select the registration option, input the obtained virtual number, and adhere to the provided instructions to finalize the registration process. Alternatively, one can engage in Google account farming and connect ChatGPT to them. Detailed instructions for Google account farming are available here.

Part 3: Benefits and Risks

Leveraging virtual numbers for farming ChatGPT accounts presents both advantages and risks. One notable advantage is:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Virtual numbers afford the luxury of anonymity during account creation, offering a valuable shield for testing or training the bot without divulging personal information.

  • Time and resource savings: Using virtual numbers significantly simplifies the registration and management process, saving you time and resources.

However, it's also important to consider potential risks, including:

  • Account blocks: ChatGPT or other platforms may block accounts created using virtual numbers, as this may be considered a violation of their rules.

  • Country restrictions: Some virtual numbers may be restricted by country, which can make their use in certain services more challenging.

Part 4: Earning Opportunities

Many individuals and companies are looking for ways to monetize accounts created using virtual numbers for ChatGPT. Possible earning opportunities may include:

  • Selling accounts: You can sell created accounts to other users or companies that need them for testing or training the bot.

  • Service provision: Use created accounts to provide testing or bot training services to other users or companies.


Using virtual numbers for farming ChatGPT accounts can be an effective way to create and manage multiple profiles. However, it's important to remember the potential risks and adhere to the rules of each platform to avoid blocks and other issues.


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