Create PayPal account without phone number in 2023

How to sign up for PayPal without a phone number

How to sign up for PayPal without a phone number

In 2023 PayPal has been one of the most used payment platforms in the world, and many privacy-concerned users are looking for a way to sign up for PayPal without a phone number.

PayPal is the official payment tool on almost all sales platforms, not to mention its popularity for private transfers among friends and family. For any small or big business, it’s a substantial advantage to have PayPal as a way of payment as many clients are going to find it convenient and cheap.

Obviously, since you’re here, you are probably wondering how to use PayPal without a phone number.

How to log into PayPal without a phone number?

Currently, there can be several reasons to use PayPal without exposing one’s real phone number:

  • if you need a secondary wallet to separate your personal finances from business;

  • if you lost the phone number you used upon registering your existing wallet;

  • if you care about exposing your real phone number to online services.

If you want to know how to log into PayPal without a phone number, you have two options to pursue: 

How to get into PayPal without a phone number?

Registration without your real number is the most secure and efficient way to get a PayPal account. Buying someone’s existing account is also an option, but it’s very risky and unreliable, so we don’t really consider it.

The best option is to use a special solution offering you a virtual number to verify your account upon creation. Presently, Tiger SMS is one of the most reputable platforms on the market. We offer a virtual number for PayPal registration for only 51 cents with instant verification code delivery. Some of our other advantages:

  • we try to keep the lowest possible prices on the market;
  • we provide solutions for registration at numerous other online services (not just PayPal);
  • you can choose the country of your virtual number;
  • our solutions are fast and easy to use;
  • we accept a lot of payment options;
  • our online support is always ready to help you in case something goes wrong.

Use Tiger SMS and get as many secure PayPal wallets as you need. Don’t hesitate to protect your identity on other platforms - it’s fast and cheap.

How to unlock my wallet at PayPal without a phone number?

Sometimes users lose the numbers they used when creating their PayPal some time ago. In this case, recovering access through the support can take a really long time and pose troubles you couldn’t even imagine. PayPal support is a separate topic in forums all over the world. They might ask you:

  • for your passport scan;
  • for the password that you used upon last login;
  • for your email;
  • the location where you used your wallet the last time.

So, recovering your access would mean you’ll have to provide a whole lot of personal information. If you’re not ready to tell about every transaction during your last year from a memory and can’t or don’t want to use the same number you provided upon registration, consider the Tiger SMS service for SMS delivery. It’s a cheap and instant solution that is going to save your privacy within the system.

We recommend taking care of your identity online, no matter what it is: bank card data, phone number or bank details. Using an affordable and secure service like Tiger SMS would for sure pay you back in terms of online safety.

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