How to create a Netflix account without a phone number in 2023

How to sign up for Netflix without a phone number

Just within several years Netflix has made traditional television completely disappear from millions of homes. They produce their own movies and stream thousands of popular series. A subscription to Netflix not only gives access to the content but also allows watching it from different devices (depending on how expensive your package is). Lately, Netflix followed a major trend and started asking for account verification through a phone number. Thus, a lot of users are looking for a way to avoid sharing their contacts. One of the ways to do that is to buy a virtual number from Tiger SMS. How to do that? Read on.

Can I register a Netflix account without a phone number?

Open the main page of Netflix and find the button to create a new account. There are several ways leading to the registration page, so that is normally easy.

Press “Get Started” and follow the process. After you set up a password for your account, you’ll be directed to the page with subscriptions.

There are several options with various benefits and prices. At this stage you don’t need a phone number, Netflix allows you to set up an account with no SMS (there’s a field for a phone number but it is not mandatory). This is one of the options to get a Netflix account without a phone number.

How to get Netflix content for free?

Even though a phone number is not mandatory for registration, there are certain benefits of having a verified account. One of them is a free trial month for users who have verified their account with a phone number. Using this offer you can watch all Netflix content for free for a month. After the trial period is over, the subscription fee is between $9.99 and $19.99 a month (in the US).

However, it’s an article about using Netflix without a phone number. So, might be asking if there is a way to watch Netflix for free all the time. There is. You can register a new account every month and enjoy the content for free. But in order to do that you’ll need a new phone number every month. This is very easy with virtual numbers from Tiger SMS.

There is one disadvantage to this method: you’ll have a clean account every month, so you won’t have recommendations from Netflix (recommendations are based on your preferences that the system studies while you use the platform). However, not a lot of users actually cherish this function.

Get a virtual number for Netflix without a phone number from Tiger SMS

Obviously, if you need to buy a new SIM card every month in order to use a special offer from Netflix, there’s no benefit anymore. However, a virtual number only costs a couple of cents. So, use Tiger SMS every month and spend a couple of cents instead of 10 dollars or more. No difficulties whatsoever - you’ll just receive your verification messages on our website and not on your phone. Basically, the idea is to sign up for Netflix without a phone number every month.

Find a detailed guide on getting a free month from Netflix through a virtual number below. There are two main parts: the first one tells how to get a virtual number from Tiger SMS and the second one - how to get a free trial on the platform.

  1. To begin with, set up an account at Tiger SMS. We value anonymity so you’ll only need an email for that.
  2. Choose a convenient payment method and top up your account.

3. Find Netflix in the list of our offers and choose a country for your number. There’s a search field to save you time. After you’re sure about your choice, press “Buy”. Now go to your personal page and find your new virtual number. It’s ready.

Now, open the website on Netflix.

1. Start registering as usual. Get to the subscription part and choose your plan. Then enter your credit card details and your phone number (a virtual one from Tiger SMS).

2. In order to start using Netflix without a phone number you need to verify your account. Request the message and come back to Tiger SMS. On your personal page, you’ll find the message with the verification code. Use it on Netflix to confirm your phone number.

Once this is done, a free trial is available to your confirmed account. We advise untying your credit card right away because if you forget to do that after a month, Netflix will start charging a subscription fee from you. Enjoy your free month and come back to get a new number from Tiger SMS!