How to create a account without a phone number

How to register accounts on without a phone number

How to register accounts on without a phone number

In 2023 is not only an email box but the whole environment. Email service is still a big part of it even though it’s not the only reason to register an account. Using is free and simple, thus many users cherish this ecosystem. Lately, more and more users are looking for a way to get Mail without a phone number, so we decided to cover this issue in an article and find out what the best ways are. Running before the hounds, let me tell you that the best way is to register through a virtual number from Tiger SMS. Find other ways below.

What are the ways to register at Mail without phone verification?

In 2023 the only authorized way of creating an account at Mail is to log in using your VK ID. However, this method can hardly be regarded as a solution since you cannot register at VK without a phone number. Also, this method doesn’t solve the issue of anonymity and for sure not an option for mass registration.

Thus, we can say that one cannot get a Mail ru account without a phone number. It was possible up to 2020 but now practically all online platforms require phone number verification, and Mail is not exempt. All the systems try to fight unwanted activity and spam, but this eventually leads to privacy disappearing.

Tiger SMS: how to create an account at Mail without a phone 

Some users think that the only method not to use one’s personal number for registration is to buy a separate SIM card and use that number when necessary. However, there is a more convenient and cheaper solution - a virtual number from Tiger SMS. This method can be used to create an account on virtually any online platform, and it spares you from the need to look for shady solutions.

Using a virtual number is simple and convenient. You’ll receive a verification code online and will be able to immediately verify your new profile. With Tiger SMS registration is as fast and simple as with using your real number.

A guide for Tiger SMS: log in on Mail without a phone number 

The whole procedure consists of 2 main stages: buying a virtual number at Tiger SMS and registering on Mail. Let’s have a look at how exactly this is done.

  1. Register at Tiger SMS. This is necessary to be able to buy virtual numbers and receive your verification codes. For the registration, you’ll need an email.
  2. Top up your account in a convenient way (we support several).

3. Go to the main page of Tiger SMS and find an option you want to use ( in our case). You can use a search bar to save you time or scroll through our offers - maybe you’ll find something interesting. Then buy a number you want to use.

Once you have a virtual number, you can move to the second stage: the registration at Mail.

1. Open the main page of and press “Register an email”. Here you’ll have to come up with a username and a password.

2. On the next step the system will ask for your phone number - paste the one you bought from Tiger SMS. Here Mail will ask you to confirm your number with a phone call. 

3. As your virtual number does not support phone calls, press “I did not receive a call”. You will see a new window where you’ll be able to confirm your account through SMS with a field for a verification code.

4. Go back to your personal page at Tiger SMS and wait for the code to come. Normally it will happen instantly. Copy that code and paste it to the corresponding field on Mail. Not it’s done.

As you can see, a virtual number is the only functional way to create a profile on Mail without phone verification. 

Why is Tiger SMS the best provider of virtual numbers?

Tiger SMS offers attractive prices not only for but for any online platform or service you might be willing to use. 

Here’s why you should trust us with your verification issues:

  • our numbers are cheap (a virtual number for starts at only 4 cents);

  • all our numbers are functional, we take care of that;

  • we support several payment methods for your convenience;

  • we provide 24\7 online support;

  • we work with a wide choice of platforms and services.

Need to register on Mail without a phone number? Don’t hesitate and use Tiger SMS!

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