How to create a Yahoo email without a phone number

How to open Yahoo mail without a phone number in 2023

How to open Yahoo mail without a phone number in 2023

Competing with a monster called Google is not an easy task, but American corporation Yahoo doesn't give up and does it with success. As the platform now requires a phone number for account verification, more and more users are looking for a way to create a Yahoo account without a phone number. If you’re not ready to give up on your privacy and share your personal number, buy a virtual number for Yahoo from Tiger SMS

Yahoo offers a number of useful services and attracts many users. As almost all of them are only available to registered accounts, one soon faces a need to set up a verified profile. Consider using a virtual number instead of your own if the following applies to you:

  • you only want to sign up temporarily, not use the platform all the time;

  • you need a second profile for business (not to mix it up with your private communication);

  • you value your privacy and don’t want to share your number online.

Read on to find out how to create a Yahoo Japan account without a phone number (or any other country you need).

Can you create a Yahoo email without a phone number?

Tiger SMS is an indispensable service for those who take care of their online privacy. Here you can find a way to use Yahoo without a phone number as well as to register an anonymous account at pretty much any popular platform. You’ll get a virtual number that you can use for registration and the code would instantly come to your personal page. Your real data is not associated with your new accounts in any way. A couple more words about us:

  1. Tiger SMS offers total anonymity: your accounts are fully protected.

  2. Our prices are the lowest on the market.

  3. We support many payment methods.

  4. Our friendly support is always willing to help.

Check out Tiger SMS: we surely have some interesting offers!

Virtual numbers are not only for people who care about privacy. Let’s imagine you lost a number associated with your account and forgot your password (which happens quite often). In this case, restoring access through support is a very long and tiresome process. It’s much easier and faster to just register a new profile. Another example: you need several accounts right now. Nothing can be easier than buying several virtual numbers from Tiger SMS at just 8 cents each. Getting separate SIM cards is incomparably more expensive and time-consuming.

A virtual number is the most secure method of anonymous registration nowadays. Why? Let us mention a couple of reasons:

  • You’re not associating your account with any traceable number;

  • It’s much cheaper and safer than buying an existing account. You can never know if the owner is going to claim the account back and sell it again.

  • Using virtual numbers is fast and easy, it takes virtually no effort.

Below you’ll find a guide on making a Yahoo account without a phone number with Tiger SMS for new users of virtual numbers. Have a look: it’s easier than you think.

Yahoo mail sign up without a phone number: detailed guide

  1. Let’s start with creating a profile at Tiger SMS. It’s a minimalistic procedure that only requires an email. No other data is involved.

  2. Find Yahoo (we also support other platforms, but here we’ll talk about Yahoo) in the list of offers. Then choose the country for your number. It’s an important step as in some locations the platform is not available. Do a little research as to the current situation. Sometimes a VPN is required for use.

  3. Once you see the price for the verification SMS delivery, top your balance for the necessary amount.

  4. Come back to the offer and press “Buy”.

  5. On your personal page you’ll see the list of your active numbers. Copy it from there and use it for registration at Yahoo as your personal number.

  6. Wait for the verification code and confirm your account.

  7. Your new Yahoo account is ready. Use it as you please.

As you can see, it’s very easy to sign up for Yahoo without a phone number. Take care of your privacy and come back to Tiger SMS whenever you need help with that.

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