How to verify your Discord account without a phone number in 2023

How to make Discord account without phone number

Discord is a huge platform with several dozens of millions of individual users. And the majority of those accounts are verified with a personal phone number. You don’t think it’s a good idea? We agree with you. That’s why we created a platform where you can buy a virtual number for Discord for just a couple of cents.

There’s not a single reason to provide your personal number to a huge corporation. Registering with a fake number is just too easy to give up on your anonymity. Technically, you can create an account even without a phone number, but such an account is going to be limited (until you verify it through SMS). Often no communication on the platform is possible until the account is verified. Want to know how to make a Discord account without a phone number? Read on.

How to verify a Discord account without a phone number?

Why would you need a Discord account without a phone number? Taking into account Discord is a multi-functional free messenger with IP telephony and videoconferencing, it is widely used by admins of hobby chats, for example. However, this doesn’t mean people are so willing to share their real phone numbers with the platform.

Who are the main users of Discord?

  • gamers (the biggest part);

  • students and pupils;

  • bloggers;

  • users setting up group chats for friends;

  • interest groups.

Pretty much any group of people would find useful functions on Discord. Why don’t they want to share their numbers then? Let’s see what the main arguments are:

  1. Some people are suspicious of revealing their phone numbers online in general. That’s understandable taking into account almost no platform manages to keep the data secure - just look at how much advertisement you get once you’re not careful enough.

  2. Many people use several accounts (thus, one needs several numbers to verify them).

  3. Even though buying a separate SIM card is an option, most people don’t want to go with a more expensive and time-consuming solution (compared to buying a virtual number).

Do any of these arguments seem reasonable? Then verify Discord without a phone number using a virtual number from Tiger SMS. You’ll get a fully functional account that you’ll be able to use from any device.

How to make a Discord account without a phone number with the help of Tiger SMS

If you decide to use a virtual number to protect your online privacy (or for some other reason), don’t look much further. Tiger SMS is the best provider of virtual numbers on the market. With us a virtual number for Discord would only cost 11 cents - don’t waste your time considering other solutions. 

The price is not the only benefit of buying a virtual number for one message or long term. Consider the following advantages of Tiger SMS:

  • Online privacy. All your data is fully protected and not shared with anyone under no circumstances. 

  • Impeccable service for cheap. You won’t find lower prices anywhere online. Just in a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to use Discord without a phone number almost for free.

  • You can tie your account to a number from almost any country (it’s extremely useful if the use of an application is limited in your location).

  • We support almost all popular services including Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter – use all platforms anonymously with our virtual numbers.

  • We have knowledgeable support that is ready to solve any issue should it arise. However, we’re sure you won’t need it.

In short, Tiger SMS is extremely easy-to-use: register, put some money into your account and go shop for those virtual numbers. Your real phone is absolutely safe far from unreliable online services while you enjoy their full functionality with Tiger SMS.