How to create a Gmail account without a phone number

How to make an unlimited Gmail account without a phone number?

In 2023 it is almost impossible to be an active Internet user and not have a Google account. It’s not only access to numerous Google services, but also a key to countless other platforms. However, registering a new Gmail without a phone number is currently impossible as the company is not happy with anonymous users. Fortunately, there is an alternative: a virtual phone number.

How to create Gmail without a phone number in 2023?

Even though Google is a huge and seemingly reliable corporation offering dozens of various services, many people worry not only about the data leak. What are other reasons not to use a real phone number for registration?

  • A need to have many accounts for business strategies.

  • A wish to separate business activity from private.

  • Reluctance to share private data online.

  • An alternative to buying a separate SIM card for registration (many people still think it’s the only option).

Don’t worry, you can make a Gmail sign-up without a phone number - Tiger SMS, a platform offering virtual phone numbers, has your back covered.

How to create an unlimited Gmail account without phone number verification

Tiger SMS offers a very simple way to get a virtual number for Gmail verification. Basically, you only need to pay for a one-time SMS with a confirmation code, which starts as low as 8 cents. Affordable price for your privacy. At Tiger SMS you’ll be able to buy a number from numerous countries, thus making your user experience at Google (or any other supported platform) smooth. 

Register at Gmail without a phone number in several simple steps:

1. Register and get a virtual number to verify Gmail on the Tiger SMS website.

2. Enter your new number in the Google registration form.

3. Get your verification code on the Tiger SMS website.

4. Type this code on Google to confirm your account.

Several cents, a couple of minutes - and you can open Gmail without a phone number. A cheap and simple solution to avoid exposing your real phone number. 

Other advantages of Tiger SMS:

  • cheap offers for one SMS;

  • simple and understandable process (no shady actions and no suspicious websites). The code appears on your personal page at Tiger SMS instantly;

  • secure platform. Tiger SMS makes sure your data never ends up in the wrong hands (neither your email nor the numbers you bought);

  • reliable solutions. An account registered with a virtual number is as reliable as any account tied to a real number. You don't bear any risk, you won’t face a block from the platform or deal with previous owners (if you opt for buying an existing account);

  • unlimited accounts. You can have as many numbers as you need, registering an equal quantity of accounts;

  • we work with almost any popular platform. You can securely register on social networks, messengers and other services. Also, you can use numbers from different countries when you need it.

So, it is possible to get a Gmail ID without a phone number. Use Tiger SMS and be sure you get the fastest and most secure service on the market. Our online support is ready to answer all your questions or help you with any issue if that happens.

Will I have issues with two-factor authentication using a virtual mobile number?

Recently Google started using two-factor authentication. It means that the platform is going to send you a message with a verification code, and not only while registering a new account but also to occasionally confirm an existing account. So, it’s not enough to just have a password in order to use your account - you’ll also need access to your phone number. 

Luckily, using a virtual number from Tiger SMS you’re safe: you can receive both the first confirmation code and pass any occasional checks the platform might want. So, two-factor authentication is not going to be a problem for you or your new Gmail without a phone number.

In present days the Internet loses anonymity very fast. Almost any website asks for your personal data, name and phone number, and quite rarely that data is safe with them. Spam on email and phone overwhelms incoming boxes. You get weird marketing calls and have to deal with scammers all the time. Think in advance and protect your privacy. Don’t share your data and phone numbers until it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t be an easy target to those dishonest people!