Register on OpenAI without a phone number

How to make an OpenAI account without a phone number?

Even though OpenAi is a comparatively new service, we wouldn’t expect people to be so ready to register on it through their real phone numbers. For many years online users have been developing strong distrust to platforms asking for their numbers, and it’s rather understandable. If you need an OpenAI account without a phone number - continue reading.

The best way to register on any online service - not just OpenAI - is to verify your account through a virtual number. And the best provider of virtual numbers in 2023 is Tiger SMS. Here you can buy a reliable temporary number for OpenAI for just several cents. We also support hundreds of other online services, which is worth checking. So, if you want to use OpenAI without a phone number absolutely anonymously and without any shady solutions - don’t look any further.

How to create an OpenAI account without a phone number

Even people who haven’t previously had any interest in artificial intelligence are really curious to talk to a human-created “brain”. However, even the biggest curiosity is not worth sacrificing your privacy. Don’t hurry to give the system your phone number - register OpenAI without a phone number through Tiger SMS.

A cheap and reliable virtual number is the best solution when online services ask for verification (and it’s pretty much always). Sure, you can buy a separate SIM card for that, but a virtual number is better in many ways. For example:

  • a virtual number is cheaper (sometimes as low as a couple of cents);

  • the procedure is clear and fast - a couple of clicks and your new number is active;

  • our numbers are totally reliable - from the point of view of the system your account is no different than if you used your real number;

  • in places where OpenAI is not officially available you can’t use any other way of registration.

For people looking for an OpenAI account without a phone number, we would advise using Tiger SMS. Even though there are plenty of similar services nowadays, not all of them are the same. 

What are our main advantages:

  1. The lowest prices on the market. We made our platform fully automatic, so we are able to keep the price of using our virtual numbers really low.

  2. We work with mobile providers from almost all countries in the world and our customers are free to choose the country of their number while making a purchase.

  3. Our big database always has available numbers for any of your needs. Also, we support virtually any popular online service - visit our site and have a look for yourself.

  4. You can choose one of several convenient payment methods. We’re sure there’s always one that works best for you.

  5. Our platform is very fast: the number purchase is instant and the verification codes come as fast as on any other number.

  6. There’s a convenient online chat always ready to help.

How to make an OpenAI account without a phone number: a guide for Tiger SMS

With Tiger SMS, setting up an account on OpenAI without a phone number is so easy that even a beginner Internet user can do that. Here’s how exactly you do it:

  1. Register on Tiger SMS to control your numbers;

  2. In the list of offers find an offer for OpenAI and choose the country for your number;

  3. Here you’ll see how much your number costs. Top up your account for the necessary amount (you might be willing to buy several numbers);

  4. Come back to the offer and finalize your purchase. On your personal page find the number you’ve just bought (under the “Active numbers” heading);

  5. Open the main OpenAI website and start registration. When they ask for your phone number, give the one from Tiger SMS. Once you request the message, come back to your Tiger SMS personal page and press “Get SMS code” for the relevant number. 

  6. Receive the code and use it to verify your account.

Done. This is how you register on OpenAI without a phone number.

Don’t forget to activate a VPN if you want to use a ChatGPT from where it is not available. Check the list of countries online before you buy the number.