How to have multiple Tinder accounts?

How to make a second Tinder account in 2023?

How to make a second Tinder account in 2023?

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Tinder in the present days. This platform has changed the whole scene of dating and meeting partners. Some users are so active that one account is not even enough. Someone wants to use different ways of looking for partners, and others just want to have a backup account in case of a block. But can you have two Tinder accounts

Even though Tinder asks for a mobile number for verification, there’s a secure way to avoid buying a separate SIM card for this service. You can buy a secure virtual number for Tiger from Tiger SMS. And there’s not only Tinder - you can verify an account on any online service of your choice while preserving your full anonymity. Below we’ll tell you how to create multiple Tinder accounts step-by-step.

How can you have multiple Tinder accounts?

Active users of this dating platform might face a problem while creating multiple Tinder accounts: if your personal number is already in use with the first account, you’ll need a separate number for another one. While it’s still possible to log in using a social media profile, it’s obviously not a very secure way, and people vary of their online privacy might feel reluctant to use this way. 

One more way to get a second Tinder account is to buy a second-hand account. However, we do not recommend using this solution as the old owner can always claim it back and you can do nothing to protect yourself from that. Also, you can never know which kind of things the account has been used for, thus, it might be on the edge of blocking.

The most reliable way to register Tinder multiple accounts is through a virtual number. This way you’ll get an absolutely anonymous account where you can decide for yourself which information you want to reveal to the platform. 

Some other benefits of this method are:

  • it’s cheap (much cheaper than buying a real SIM card);

  • it’s simple - no need to go to a mobile provider office and study their starter packs. Buying a virtual number takes a couple of clicks;

  • it’s safe and in the end, you get a completely clean and reliable profile.

However, not all providers of virtual numbers are equally reliable. Tiger SMS has several benefits compared to its competitors. Consider the following:

  • the most attractive prices on the market;

  • good choice of numbers for any online platforms from any corner of the world;

  • numbers are coming from almost any country in the world and you’ll be able to choose yours;

  • all your data is protected and we never share it with any third parties;

  • we support several ways of payment;

  • there’s a friendly online chat available in case you face problems.

A guide on how to get a second Tinder account with Tiger SMS

Below you’ll find a detailed but very short guide on how to make a second Tinder account using a virtual number from Tiger SMS. 10 quick steps - and you’ll get a new and anonymous account on your favorite app. They are as follows:

1. Register on Tiger SMS to be able to control your numbers through a personal page;

2. In the list of offers find Tinder, choose the country for your number and check the price;

3. Deposit the necessary amount into your account in any way that works for you;

4. Come back to the offer and press “Buy”;

5. On your personal page under the heading “Active numbers” find your new number for  Tinder (second account);

6. Install the Tinder app on your device;

7. Follow standard registration procedure and use your virtual number when asked for;

8. On your personal page press “Get SMS code” for the number you’re using. Once the message arrives, copy the digits;

9. Confirm your account with the code you received. Now it’s done;

10. Use your new account as you please and come back when you need another one!

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