How to create a second Instagram account

How to make a second Instagram account

How to make a second Instagram account

Instagram has dramatically changed the way we communicate with people and the way we market and promote our businesses. It would be hard to find a country where in 2023 a business can do without advertisements on Instagram. Obviously, doing business makes people look for a way to create a second Instagram account, not related to their personal page. But how to make two accounts on Instagram? With a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

Not only people who do online marketing profit from having multiple accounts in Instagram. 

There are several other reasons to register another profile:

  • if you don’t have access to your first page and can’t restore it anymore;

  • if you want to have several pages for different groups of friends or different activities;

  • if your business page cannot be connected to your personality;

  • if you’re an active promoter and need many accounts for your professional activity.

Can you have two Instagram accounts?

In short: yes, you can. But how to make your second Instagram account clean and not connected to your real identity? Here you’ll need a virtual number for account verification. Have a look at Tiger SMS, a provider of virtual numbers.

Tiger SMS is not just any service for registrations. It’s a modern automatic platform that is way more performant than any of its competitors. How exactly? 

Have a look at our advantages:

  • affordable prices: one SMS with a verification code costs only several cents. A real SIM card is much more expensive and not so secure;

  • fast service: a new Instagram account sign up would only take you 5 minutes;

  • we have numbers for any online platform you want to register on, not just Instagram;

  • your new account is going to be absolutely anonymous and cannot be traced to you;

  • simple interface: we make sure our customers don’t spend any time trying to figure out how to get a number.

Get two Instagram accounts with Tiger SMS: a guide

If you’re still in doubt as to whether to use a virtual number, have a look at this guide. Buying a virtual number for Instagram multiple accounts (login from any device) is very simple. Follow these steps:

1. Register on Tiger SMS. We will only ask for an email so that you can log into your personal page when you need it.

2. Find Instagram in the catalog of virtual numbers and choose the country of number registration. Now you’ll see the price for the verification code on this number.

3. Top up your account for this amount with the help of a bank card, online payment system or crypto.

4. Finalize your purchase (the money will be withdrawn from your account) and go to your personal page.

5. Here find the number you’ve just bought under the heading “Active numbers”. It’s already active and we can move to actual registration.

After you’ve bought the number, the procedure is very simple. This is how to add a second Instagram account:

1. Go to the Instagram page from your browser or install the app.

2. Register as you normally would.

3. When asked for a phone number, type in the one you’ve just bought.

4. Come back to your personal page on Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code” by the number you want to use. The code will come right away.

5. Confirm your new account with this code.

So, can you have 2 Instagram accounts? Yes, as many as you need. With virtual numbers from Tiger SMS registering clean and verified accounts is very simple.

Elena Kuznetsova
Author: Elena Kuznetsova

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