How to verify a Twitch account without a phone number in 2023

How to log into Twitch without a phone number

Twitch is a streaming platform for gaming and entertainment content. As with many other online services, a Twitch account must be verified with a phone number or an email. Even though the email option seems good for many users, in reality, such profiles are not reliable and are more easily blocked by the system.

Luckily, there is a secure option to get a clean profile without giving up on your privacy. How to log into Twitch without a phone number? Buy a virtual number for Twitch from Tiger SMS and verify your new account within a couple of minutes. The price for Twitch verification messages starts at only 13 cents, which is not the price to even consider using your real number.

How to verify your twitch account without phone number?

The Tiger SMS platform is as simple as it can be. Find the guide below and see how easy it is to use it.

1. Create a profile at Tiger SMS (we’ll ask for your email at this stage).

2. Top up your account to be able to buy the number you want (we work not only with Twitch but also with countless other platforms). You can pay through one of the convenient payment methods.

3. Find Twitch in the catalog of our offers. Then choose the country for your number and press “Buy”. Your number is ready.

4. Go to Twitch and go through standard registration with a phone number. Instead of a real one, use the number you bought from Tiger SMS. 

5. Once Twitch sends you the verification code, come back to Tiger SMS and find the message on your personal page. Use it to verify your new account.

Hope this answers your question “how to log into Twitch without a phone number”. If not - our online support is always ready to help you.

Advantages of Tiger SMS 

Since in 2023 there are a lot of virtual number providers, let us boast a little bit about our advantages.

  1. We keep the lowest prices: normally safety is not something you should be saving on, but with Tiger SMS it’s possible.

  2. We offer numbers from over 260 mobile providers all over the world.

  3. Our numbers are fast and reliable - thus, your new account is going to be ‘clean’ for the system. You’re not risking anything using our virtual numbers.

  4. We guarantee your anonymity. All the data we collect (and we try to keep it minimal) is safe with us and never shared with anyone.

I hope we answered your question “how to verify a Twitch account without a phone number”. Register with virtual numbers from Tiger SMS and never worry about your privacy anymore. It’s cheap, fast and reliable - not to mention it’s completely secure!