How to use Google Voice without a phone number?

How to Google Voice without a phone number

How to Google Voice without a phone number

It seemed like Google had it all covered already at this point, but they continue to develop their ecosystem with new functions we didn’t even know we wanted. Google Voice is a new service allowing its users to make voice calls through VoIP. The most important feature is the possibility to unite all user’s phones into this one service. Obviously, as is the case with all Google products, you need phone number verification in order to use the service. 

However, phone number verification is not the only issue. Currently, Google Voice is only available to users from the US, so if you already have a Google account verified with a number from a different country, it’s not going to be useful. If you need a new account in order to use Google Voice without phone number verification, you can buy a virtual number from Tiger SMS and quickly create a new profile without any troubles.

How to get a Google Voice number without verification?

Why are users looking for a way to use Google Voice? There are several very attractive features:

  • the platform provides a user with a single phone number, integrating all his phones in one;
  • possibility of conference calls;
  • possibility to change the number (this feature is available upon payment);
  • possibility to pick up the phone before the caller realizes it;
  • reliable blacklists;
  • possibility to block separate users or even all incoming;
  • distribution on incoming: the platform will direct numbers from a certain category to a designated device);
  • recording of calls (to a storage or a cloud);
  • personalized greeting to every contact when receiving a call from him;
  • possibility to forward calls.

All that you need in order to use a Google Voice number without a phone is a virtual number from the US. Read on to find out how to get one.

Can you use Google Voice without a phone number?

If you don’t want to use your real number or you just don’t have a US-based SIM card, don’t hurry to look for shady solutions. There’s a completely reliable way to register a clean Google account with a virtual number. With a number from Tiger SMS, you can get a Google Voice number without a phone almost instantly. Your verification message is going to be received on our website and you’ll confirm your new Google account just for several cents. What is more, you'll be able to buy a number from the USA, so your Google account will give you access to all functions of Google Voice just as if you used a real US SIM card.

A guide on how to get a Google Voice number without a phone

All that you need to use Google Voice without a phone number is Tiger SMS. Here is how you buy a number:

  1. Create a personal page on Tiger SMS with your email. This is only necessary to give you access to your numbers.

  2. Top up your account to be able to pay for the number for Google or any other service you want to register on.

  3. Choose the method of payment that works best for you. We support various bank cards, e-wallets and crypto. The funds will instantly appear in your account.

  4. Now let’s move to buy the number itself. Find Google (since you need a Google account for using Google Voice) and choose the country for your number (normally that’s the USA you’re interested in). Use the search bar to save time.

  5. Press “Buy” and the number will instantly appear on your personal page. Now you can move on to create a Google Voice number without a phone. Register a new Google account using this virtual number for verification.

  6. Once the verification code is sent, come back to Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code” for your number. Use the code from the message to confirm your new account.

  7. Go to Google Voice and log in using your new Google account, created with a number from Tiger SMS.

  8. Follow the path of registration offered by Google Voice and once the account is ready, you can use it. You have access to all the functionality from any location.

If you ask “Сan I use Google Voice without a phone number”, the answer is definitely yes - with Tiger SMS! 

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