Get a Turkish phone number for receiving SMS

How to get Turkey virtual phone number for SMS verification

Quite often, it may be necessary to buy a Turkish phone number for sms. Not everyone knows how to accomplish this task. The optimal way is to use an SMS reception service. The website Tiger SMS offers favorable conditions for all interested parties. This includes not only wholesalers, but also those who need just one phone. Let's try to understand in more detail in which situations a Turkish phone number is needed, what are the differences between a virtual contact and a real one, and consider a step-by-step guide to purchasing.

When you need to get Turkish to receive SMS?

The most common situation is the need to register on websites in this country. In the current situation, Turkey often acts as a loyal platform for circumventing sanctions. This applies not only to the state level, but also to ordinary citizens. Constant purchases are made on specialized websites for clothing, footwear, medicine, electronics, and many other goods.

The modern registration system requires the use of a mobile phone for authorization. A Turkish SMS number is in high demand, as it guarantees receiving a message with a confirmation code. 

This country is popular among Internet users worldwide for another reason. Buying a virtual Turkish number is required for cost savings. Many services have their own conditions for purchasing their products for different countries. For example, purchases in some Google Play Market applications will be cheaper for Turkish accounts (almost twice as cheap). If it is enough to indicate Turkey as the home region in this service, others go further. They require confirmation that the user is in this country. It is necessary to use a Turkish phone number for receiving SMS, as well as enable VPN. This will allow you to subscribe to various programs and much more at a discount. When it comes to saving tens and hundreds of dollars, the cost of contact in this context is minimal.

A virtual Turkish number online is often in demand for economic reasons. As practice shows, it belongs to the budget category. This is especially noticeable when compared to the cost of US numbers, EU countries, and other states. This factor plays one of the key roles in mass account registration.

How a virtual Turkish number differs from a real one

This question interests many users. One question needs to be clarified in advance. A virtual SMS number for Turkey is not a violation of the rules when it comes to registration. It is suitable for creating accounts, and the security system will not block them.

The main difference is the absence of a physical carrier. A temporary Turkish number is not tied to a SIM card. Anyone can buy it, regardless of their country of residence. Stores do not ask to provide any data about themselves, and the Tiger SMS service does everything possible to maintain user anonymity. SMS reception occurs via the internet.

How to buy a virtual phone number Turkey 

Let's go through the process of purchasing step by step. As an example, we will use the website Tiger SMS:

  1. Register an account. Creating your own profile will allow you to use all the features - from purchasing based on specific requests to receiving and storing SMS. Entering an email address is considered the classic method. For one-click registration, there are buttons to import data from Facebook, Google, VK, and Telegram.

  2. Go to the payment page, where you need to top up your personal account. This is where the funds will be deducted from. Choose a payment system and specify the amount.

  3. Now you can buy a Turkish SMS number. In the left column, indicate the desired service as the first step. As an example, we will choose Trendyol. The second column appears, where a list of countries is available - find Turkey. The "Buy" button becomes active, which you need to click to proceed. It is not necessary to scroll through the list in search of the desired item, as there is a search field (you need to enter the full name or part of it).

  4. Confirm the purchase.

We now have a virtual phone number for Turkey at our disposal. It can be used at any convenient time, as it is saved on a special page in the profile. The user is given 20 minutes during which they can click the "Cancel" button and cancel the transaction (the money will be returned to the account).

Virtual Turkish phone numbers for SMS receive codes instantly. After that, they are considered used and no one else can use them again, ensuring the security of the created profile.