How to make a second Twitter account in 2023

How to create second Twitter account

How to create second Twitter account

In 2023 twits - short texts post prom Twitter - are an important part of social media. More than 350 million individual people use the platform every day. That’s a huge media power and impressive promotion possibility. But can you have 2 Twitter accounts? It’s not an issue at all with a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

While you can still register a Twitter account without using a phone number, such accounts are not convenient because the system would constantly bother you by asking for verification. Unverified accounts are regarded as a threat of spam or unwanted activity, so the administration is trying to fight that. If you don’t want to use your personal number for verification (or if it’s already in use) - try registering a secondary Twitter account through a virtual number.

How to add multiple Twitter accounts: a detailed guide

The procedure of setting up a second Twitter account is rather simple:

1. Create a personal page at Tiger SMS. From this page, you’ll be able to control your virtual numbers and receive SMS. 

2. Deposit money into your account to buy the number you want. We support various payment systems.

3. Find the offer you want to use. Choose Twitter from the list and then choose the country for your virtual number. There’s a search bar if you are in a hurry.

4. Once you have the number, you’re ready to make a second Twitter account. Start registering as usual (from the app or website, doesn’t matter). When you get to the verification stage, paste the number you bought from Tiger SMS.

5. Come back to Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code”. Normally after this, the verification code comes instantly, however, sometimes you might need to wait a couple of minutes. Copy the code and confirm your account.

So, with Tiger SMS the users of Twitter (two accounts or more) won’t have any issues with verification.

Why should I use Tiger SMS to make a second Twitter account?

What are the advantages of Tiger SMS for those who want to open a second Twitter account

  • the verification codes come right away;

  • the most attractive prices on the market;

  • wide choice of countries for virtual numbers;

  • fully anonymous accounts;

  • reliable phone numbers.

In the rare case our customer experiences troubles, our online support is always ready to help.

Why and how to have two Twitter accounts with a virtual number?

Those who want a secondary Twitter account have two options: buying an existing profile and using a virtual number. Both of these options work, however using a number has some obvious advantages:

  1. When you register a new account, you can fill in the info you want (it’s not possible to change it later). For many objectives, it’s an important aspect.

  2. Buying existing accounts is risky as they can be claimed back at any minute. Also, you never know who can have access to this account.

  3. Second-hand accounts that are sold on the market are usually created on mass registration platforms. The Twitter security system can often recognize them and thus they have a higher risk of ban.

So, can you have two Twitter accounts? Yes, you can. It’s very easy with Tiger SMS.

Alexei Volkov
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