How to make a Naver account without a phone number

How to create Naver account without phone number

How to create Naver account without phone number

In 2023 no Internet user in South Korea can go without an account on Naver. Register on Naver through a virtual Korean number from Tiger SMS and use all of its functions right away.

Many businesses now seek a way to enter a fast-developing Korean market. And in 2023 hardly any business can be done without active online representation. Thus, one for sure needs an account on the most popular Korean platform Naver. If you don’t have a Korean phone number (or if you don’t want to use your personal number for that) it can be a problem.

The good news is that presently getting a virtual number from almost any country is not a problem. Just within minutes, you can get a reliable number for registration on Naver (or any other resource) without too much financial or time investment. You can create a Naver account without a phone number while being anywhere in the world.

Tiger SMS is a reliable provider of virtual numbers that stand out on the background of its competitors due to numerous advantages:

  • our service is absolutely anonymous;

  • we support a wide choice of online platforms where you can register through a virtual number;

  • we offer very attractive prices;

  • our service is fast and fault-proof;

  • we support several payment methods for your convenience;

  • our online support is always ready to help.

Naver phone number verification: how do I do that?

Even though your biggest problem while using the Internet in Korea is going to be the language (trust me, the fact that it’s considered easier than Chinese doesn’t make the thing any more simple), using your foreign phone number would also pose difficulties. We strongly recommend using a local virtual number for all of your online needs.

You can do that from anywhere in the world and it only costs a couple of cents, but the advantages are immense. After verifying your account with a local number you’ll be able to use all the services needed for business or just personal purposes. Buying a virtual number from Tiger SMS is easy and cheap - find a detailed guide just below.

How to sign up for Naver without a phone number with the help of Tiger SMS?

First of all, let’s discuss the market of existing accounts. Yes, it is always an option: you can buy a second-hand account on any platform. However, it is not a safe solution: the account might be on the verge of a block (and there’s no way for you to know about it) or it can be claimed back by the owner any minute. The last thing: it is much more expensive than buying a virtual number for Naver (starting at USD 0.20).

A short guide to registering on Naver through a virtual number from Tiger SMS:

1. To begin with, register at Tiger SMS to be able to buy a number. It’s fast and only requires an email.

2. Choose the offer you want to use and a country for your virtual number (Korea, in our case). Have a look at other offers, maybe you find something interesting!

3. Top up your account for the necessary amount of money (see the cost of a verification SMS next to the offer of your choice). The prices for Naver begin with 32 cents per SMS.

4. Finalize your purchase and check your new Korean number on your personal page. Now it’s active, you can use it for registration.

5. Go through the registration on Naver and wait for the verification code. You’ll receive it on your personal page on Tiger SMS. Normally the messages arrive instantly.

6. Confirm your number with the code you received. Now your account is ready, you can use it.

Go explore the Korean part of the web freely and tell others how to sign up for Naver without a phone number at Tiger SMS!

My Naver account is blocked: what to do?

The worst-case scenario is if you forgot your password to Naver together with losing access to your SIM card. Naver accounts can’t be restored through email. In this case, the best option would be to register a new account with a virtual number. What is good, you can create as many accounts as you need. It’s very fast and cheap - obviously, it’s better than fighting with Korean support.

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