How to make a second TikTok account

How to create multiple TikTok accounts

TikTok appeared as a platform used only by kids. However, it quickly became a powerful promotional tool and a fully independent source of unique content. Since phone number verification is required on TikTok, multiple accounts users are looking for convenient solutions. With virtual numbers from Tiger SMS it is a simple task. Who uses several TikTok profiles?

  • People who lost access to their current accounts;

  • Users who are not willing to share their real number;

  • People who need personal and business accounts on the platform and don’t want to mix everything together;

  • Businesses who have social accounts and want to carry out some promotional campaigns.

You might have your own reasons. Anyway, if you want to know how to make two accounts on TikTok, read further.

How to make a second account on TikTok?

In 2023 the only working way to get 2 TikTok accounts is through a virtual number. You might consider buying existing accounts but we strongly advise not to: such accounts are not safe to use and are rather risky to buy. Using virtual numbers from Tiger SMS is a reliable and safe option. 

What are other advantages?

  • A number for one SMS costs much cheaper than an existing account or a real SIM card for registration;

  • Your account is going to be clean and reliable, you don’t have to risk buying accounts from unknown people who can get it back any moment;

  • Using a virtual number is anonymous: we never share our customer’s data with anyone;

  • Using a virtual number is fast. Also, you’ll be able to associate your account with any country you want;

  • Try Tiger SMS and see for yourself how simple it is. Our interface is clear and requires virtually no effort on your side. Just click a couple of buttons - and a number for your second TikTok account is ready to receive your verification code. Pay with a method that is the best for you, and don’t compromise your safety any longer.

How to make a second TikTok account through Tiger SMS?

So, can you have two TikTok accounts? Yes. But how exactly? Let us give you some instructions.

Stage 1: buying a virtual number:

  • Find the service you want to use in the list of our offers, choose the country for the number and see how much it costs.

  • Top up your account with the necessary amount.

  • Come back to buy the offer you want (a number for TikTok in our case) and press “Buy”.

  • on your personal page find “Active numbers” and see your new number. Copy it, and pass to the next stage.

Stage 2: Create a second TikTok account with your virtual number:

  • Install the TikTok app on your PC or phone.

  • Find the button “Register” and follow the steps.

  • When you get to the step where a number is required, paste your Tiger SMS number.

  • Come back to your personal page and press “Get SMS code”. Normally now the message would appear, however, sometimes you might need to wait a bit.

  • Confirm your new account with the code. 

This is how to have two accounts on TikTok. It’s really this easy! Try and use however many accounts you need!