How to make a second Telegram account?

How to create multiple Telegram accounts?

Over the past years, Telegram has grown from a convenient messenger to an extremely successful social media. Obviously, as is often the case, many users want to have multiple Telegram accounts for some business or personal purposes.

Who are the people that need to create multiple Telegram accounts?

  • active users who are looking for a way to separate various aspects of their personal life;

  • business people who need several accounts for promotion and marketing;

  • unlucky users who lost access to their current account;

  • cautious people who are not fans of sharing their personal contacts on social platforms.

Whatever reasons you have for not using your personal number, Tiger SMS would support you: buy a virtual number for Telegram and register fast and cheap!

Can you have two Telegram accounts?

When so many people need it, the world comes with solutions. So far, the best way to register two Telegram accounts is by buying a virtual number.

Why not buy a real number? First of all, a virtual number is much cheaper. Also, it’s more convenient and simpler. Not to mention the case when you need many accounts: in this situation registration with virtual numbers is the only sane solution.

After you bought the number (which literally takes a couple of minutes), you can move directly to the registration and create a second Telegram account. Read on to find detailed instructions in case you’ve never used a virtual number before.

How to add multiple Telegram accounts with the help of Tiger SMS

This is how to have two Telegram accounts through a virtual number:

1. Register on Tiger SMS with the help of email (don’t worry, it’s completely confidential).

2. Deposit enough money on your account (check the price for Telegram - multiple accounts if needed) via a convenient method.

3. Now find the offer for Telegram and choose the country for your virtual number. When ready press “Buy” - now the number is yours.

4. Open your personal page and check your new number under the heading “Active numbers”. Press “Get SMS code” for the number you want to use and move to the registration on Telegram.

Follow the standard procedure of registration in Telegram and use this number from Tiger SMS. When you request the message, it will appear right next to your number. Verify your new account and enjoy! This is how to get multiple Telegram accounts with virtual numbers. Set up as many as you need and use completely anonymous and clean accounts.