How to make a second Google account

How to create multiple Google accounts

Since Google has become not just a search engine, no active Internet user can go without an account at one of their services. The huge popularity of the platform makes more and more people wonder: “Can I have two Google accounts?”. Luckily, now all the Google services are accessible through a single account so no need to register at each of them separately. However, if you want 2 Google accounts, you’ll need two separate phone numbers for verification. A virtual number is easy to buy from Tiger SMS.

How to create a second Google account and what for?

It’s not against the platform’s rules to have Google multiple accounts, so yes, you can totally make a second Google account. That’s the verification that can be an issue as the company tries to get rid of anonymous profiles which are often a source of scam. Why do people use several accounts:

  • to have independent accounts for personal and business-related activity;

  • to set up an anonymous account not connected to their real identity;

  • for promotion and marketing;

  • after losing their current account for some reason.

How to set up a second Google account with Tiger SMS: detailed instructions

Tiger SMS has a very clear and user-friendly platform that allows our users to buy virtual numbers for verification in just a couple of minutes. Here’s how to make a 2nd Google account.

1. Create an account on Tiger SMS to be able to control your numbers. It’s fully anonymous and done through email.

2. Once registered, go to your personal page and put money into your account.

3. Choose the way of payment that works best for you. We support several options for your convenience and the money comes to your account instantly.

4. Now you can buy a virtual number to create a second Google account. Choose Google from the list of offers and then think which country you want your number from. There’s a search bar so that you don’t have to scroll through all our offers. 

In the same way, you can buy as many numbers as you need (one to set up each of your accounts). All the numbers will be available on your personal page.

Once you have the number, go to any Google service and start registering with this number. When you’ve requested a confirmation message, go to Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code” for the corresponding number.

The message with the verification code will instantly show up on the same page. Use it to confirm your account.

Now you know how to create multiple Google accounts. Your new accounts (no matter how many you need) are going to be clean and safe to use. No risk of being blocked by the security system (unless you start any suspicious activity with it) - it’s as good as any account created with a personal number.

Why is Tiger SMS the best provider of virtual numbers?

Why do our customers like our platform? There are several advantages:

  1. Attractive prices. We keep the lowest offers for virtual numbers on the market.

  2. Clear usability. Even our first-time customers don’t experience any issues with purchases.

  3. Simple mechanism to buy in bulk: just opt for the corresponding option on our website and proceed to buy any amount of numbers.

  4. Wide database of numbers: we provide numbers from almost any country in the world and support most of the popular online platforms.

  5. Reliability. Any of our numbers can only be used once, so you’ll never face a problem with your virtual number being in use on a certain platform.

With Tiger SMS you can have two Google accounts very easily. In case you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 online support who are always ready to help.