Arbitrage Adult Traffic: where to buy, how to use, best adult affiliate programs

How to create and monetize adult traffic

Adult traffic refers to adult users who are interested in adult content and products. Due to high demand and strict regulations in the niche, websites are willing to pay a lot of money for adult traffic arbitrage. To earn money from this, one needs to understand the adult vertical (banners, push notifications, direct links), industry specifics, and current legislation.

What is adult traffic

Adult traffic consists of users who are interested in adult content and products for ages 18 and above. This category includes various directions, for example:
  • Intimate toys and costumes.
  • Webcams.
  • Pornography.
  • Online dating.
  • Erotic games.
Adult affiliate programs are one of the most profitable ways to earn money through arbitrage. There is a lot of money circulating in this niche, and there is fierce competition. The high and stable demand for 18+ content can easily be explained by the fact that sexual satisfaction is a basic need for people of any gender and social status.

Features of working with adult arbitrage

In almost all countries, the adult industry is under strict control of the authorities, and the production and distribution of pornography is banned altogether .Because of this, it is more difficult to work in the adult niche. It is not allowed to launch advertising campaigns in familiar tools (such as Google AdWords, myTarget), and on social networks. However, arbitrageurs and owners of adult websites are rarely stopped by restrictions.
To get traffic, they use black promotion methods on the internet. Search engines view them negatively, so websites often fall under filters, and arbitrageurs have to spend more time bypassing restrictions. However, the fees that porn websites and adult product stores are willing to pay will make up for the labor costs.

Who uses adult traffic and how much can you earn from it?

The advantage of this niche is its diversity and wide target audience. An arbitrator can choose one of the interesting areas or focus on one region. Each has its own specifics that need to be taken into account.
Adult is one of the most profitable niches for business. Every 30 minutes, somewhere in the world, the shooting of another video is completed, and companies invest $3,000 per second in content production. At the same time, at least 60 million people visit porn sites and adult online stores.
However, it is extremely difficult to estimate the average earnings of attracted users. In the affiliate marketing market, the cost of an adult user is determined based on three criteria:
  • Geography. Arbitrators predominantly work in Europe, the CIS, and the USA, where there is a solvent audience, and businesses are willing to spend a lot on advertising in videos and on websites. The highest payouts for adult users are in the top 5 countries with high income levels (China, USA, Japan, India, Russia).
  • Offer type. Companies are willing to buy adult traffic for different purposes. Offers to attract audiences to erotic games can be found on the internet. These are usually the cheapest offers. Adult dating is in the average price segment, with earnings for registering a user reaching 4 euros. The most expensive offers are for attracting people who will make a purchase or payment (VIP, sex toys, etc.).
  • Competition. In certain adult directions, the cost per user can vary. Porn sites have the highest price. Since there are many of them, companies are willing to invest a lot of money to reach the top.
Earning money from adult traffic is a good business even with a limited budget. To attract users, you can buy several cheap accounts on social networks for 100 rubles, direct traffic to a landing page, and earn a dollar for each customer or viewer. There are enough case studies on working with adult traffic online with minimal budgets.
Where to get adult traffic
Popular books on online promotion and arbitrage do not touch on how to attract adult traffic. Because of this, beginners simply do not know where to start. In reality, adult traffic can be obtained anywhere. Arbitrators often use mobile game PUSH notifications and social networks.
If there is no budget to collaborate with app developers and purchase banners for directing traffic, it is worth starting with free sources. Popular options include:
  • Social networks
Although Vkontakte and Instagram have a team of moderators, and users can report content that violates the platform's rules, there are still arbitrators working here. One way to attract traffic is by creating an account for a beautiful girl and posting comments with a link, joining discussions to place advertisements, etc.
To increase the clickability of links, it is important to create believable pages and look for relevant discussions. Tips:
  • Do not post pornography on your page. It is a quick way to lose your page. Light erotica is acceptable, but nothing more.
  • Create and populate the page, and then leave it untouched for a couple of weeks to make it look less like a one-day bot.
  • Subscribe to thematic communities. In Vkontakte and Instagram, there are plenty of groups and pages for fans of 18+. You will find the core of your target audience there, which can be easily monetized.
Not all adult affiliate networks accept traffic from social networks. Before launching an advertising campaign, it is worth consulting with a manager and studying the conditions.
  • Telegram
Telegram is the best platform for everything that is prohibited on other social networks. The messenger's administration does not fight against 18+, so it is comfortable to work here. There are two good ways to drive traffic to websites:
  • Create a new channel and promote it. The channel is filled with 18+ content and links are inserted between regular posts. One option is to insert an interesting screenshot from a video or game and offer the follower to register through a partnership program. The channel can become a permanent and stable source of adult traffic, but it will require a lot of time to promote.
  • Spamming in thematic and non-thematic communities. Arbitrageurs create multiple pages using disposable accounts and start spamming with catchy messages. They are often found even in news channels.
To work with social networks and messengers, arbitrageurs create a large number of pages. Platform administrators monitor user activity and block accounts for violations, so when actively working with adult traffic, profiles rarely "live" for more than 1-2 days.
Disposable numbers are needed to receive SMS and create new accounts seamlessly. You can buy them on our website. They allow you to register an unlimited number of profiles on platforms. At the same time, the expenses for numbers are not even 5% of the income from adult arbitrage.

Where to find offers for adult traffic

Owners of adult websites and stores rarely work directly with arbitrageurs. They search for performers on special platforms. Popular platforms include:
  • Datify.Link - an affiliate system specializing in dating. Here, there are always more than 1500 offers available for different regions. Partners work through smartlinks, which are generated from the offers presented in the affiliate program. The service manager will prepare the link for traffic distribution.
  • Traforce - another affiliate network focused on the dating vertical. There are many offers for the Russian and international markets. The service offers over 4,000 orders.
  • iMonetizeit - an affiliate system with a wide profile. Arbitrageurs work with adult websites, dating apps, webcams, and nutra (dietary supplements trading).
  • - a system with 7 exclusive offers for the Russian-speaking market. They have been working in the arbitrage industry for 14 years and offer good conditions for cooperation to partners.
  • MyLead - a multi-vertical affiliate program with a wide selection of dating offers. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced specialists. They provide access to over 30 smartlink offers, and traffic is accepted from any source and region.


Adult traffic is a profitable direction for arbitrage. The cost of registrations, purchases, and other actions often exceeds 2-3 euros. At the same time, there is always work for a specialist here, as companies cannot promote their products and platforms by legitimate means (SEO, contextual and targeted advertising).
To drive traffic without problems due to blocked accounts on social networks, we recommend buying disposable numbers. This way, you can publish links and advertisements without restrictions. Did your accounts get blocked? No problem! Buy a bundle of disposable numbers and continue working.