How to create a fake Instagram account without a phone number in 2023

How to create an Instagram account without a phone number and email

How to create an Instagram account without a phone number and email

With over 500 million daily users Instagram is a promotion monster of our world. No business can go without using its marketing possibilities, not to mention ordinary users checking their feed every day. So, how to create an Instagram account without a phone number? Consider buying a virtual number from Tiger SMS. It would work both for a phone and a PC and you’ll get a fully functional anonymous account with minimal effort.

Are there any official ways to login to Instagram without a phone number?

One doesn’t necessarily have to use a phone to register a new account on Instagram. In 2023 there are still ways to go without confirming your account with an SMS. In 2023 there are still ways to create a new Instagram account without a phone number. The first one is to log in through your Facebook profile.

The second option is to register through your email. While both options don’t solve privacy issues, there is more to know.

Accounts created through Facebook or email have certain limitations which you won’t know about while going through registration.

  1. An account confirmed with an email address will be able to set up only 5 pages. This can be a serious impediment for marketing and promotion professionals.

  2. Accounts not linked to a phone number risk being blocked even with no suspicious activities registered. Obviously, Instagram’s security system is trying to fight spam and shady activity, but sometimes they go a bit too far with it. 

The last thing: while you can use almost all functions of such accounts, the application is going to constantly remind you to provide your phone number which can be rather bothersome. If this all doesn’t sound like a good solution, go with a virtual number for InstagramThis method is absolutely legal, it’s not a fake Instagram account. Without a phone number, just by using a virtual one, you can get a completely clean anonymous account you can use as you please.

How to make an Instagram account without a phone number through Tiger SMS

So far, a virtual number stays the most reliable way to create a new Instagram account without a phone number. Accounts linked to virtual numbers are perceived by the system as any other pages registered with a real number, so there is not a single disadvantage to this method. Also, the price for an Instagram number starts at 4 cents, which would hardly overweight all the perks a virtual number gives. Read on to learn more about it.

Below you’ll find detailed instructions to set up a fake Instagram account without a phone number (both from a phone and a PC).

1. Register on Tiger SMS to buy a number. At our website you’ll only need an email as we care about our customers’ anonymity. An email is necessary because there will be a personal page on the website where you need to log in every time you buy a number or receive a message. Other than that, we don’t collect any data.

2 Top up your account. We support several payment methods, so you’ll be able to choose the one which is the best for you. 

3. Find an offer you want to use (Instagram, for example) and choose a country for your number. To save you time, there’s a search bar for the offers as we support a lot of different platforms. Then press “Buy” and get your virtual number on your private page. It’s ready to use right away.

4. Now with your virtual number you can go to Instagram (the app or the website) and start registration. When asked for the number, put the one you bought from Tiger SMS.

5. Once you requested an SMS with the verification code from Instagram, come back to Tiger SMS and go to your personal page. Here you’ll see your code. Copy and paste it to Instagram to confirm your new account.

Now, your login on Instagram without a phone number and email is finished. You can continue with filling up the info in your new profile or go straight to using it. All the platform’s functions are now available to you.

Tiger SMS offers the most reliable and inexpensive Instagram sign up without a phone number. Our service is instant, and you won’t face any delays in the process. It’s as secure as using your personal number (but less risky for your identity online). We make sure all our numbers work and your new account would not be jeopardized.
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