How to verify an eBay account without a phone number?

How to create an eBay account without a phone number?

Being one of the most popular marketplaces, eBay sets the rules for many other similar services. So it’s not surprising that you can’t use the platform to its fullest if you don’t have an account verified with a phone number. However, don’t hurry to share your precious contact information - in 2023 there are simple solutions to keep your online deals private.

You can buy a virtual number for eBay from Tiger SMS, a reliable provider of temporary numbers for verification. Here you can register at virtually any service including eBay without a phone number. What is more, you’ll be able to choose a number for your country, which can be very important when buying or selling items, or if you happen to live in an area where the service is not available. Tiger SMS is a fast and reliable solution for any time you need to activate your account with a phone number. Don’t hesitate to use it for your privacy and protection.

How do I register an eBay account without a phone number?

If you don’t want to share your personal phone number with a huge corporation, there is a solution for use: register through a virtual number and receive your verification code online. No need to buy a SIM card and fiddle with your phone. Not to mention that SIM cards are rarely anonymous so all your activity with a new account can be traced to you. With Tiger SMS you can create an eBay account without a phone number just for several cents.

Using virtual numbers for verification has several important benefits compared to any other registration options. Here are some of them:

  • you’ll be able to use the platform almost instantly (even after your previous account was blocked);

  • you’ll be able to transfer your money from eBay to PayPal, Payoneer or a bank card;

  • virtual numbers are cheap compared to other solutions;

  • the service is instant, and the message comes right away;

  • your new eBay account is going to be anonymous.

However, not all providers of virtual numbers are equally good. If you need an account on eBay without a phone number, refer to Tiger SMS. Our platform guarantees your successful registration and in case there is an issue with the reception of your verification code, you’ll be given a new number. Our other advantages are:

  • attractive prices for a verification SMS;

  • numbers from most countries in the world;

  • we support almost any popular platform;

  • unlimited amount of available numbers;

  • several ways of payment;

  • simple procedure;

  • automatic bulk registration;

  • attractive discounts for bulk clients;

  • knowledgeable support chat.

How to verify an eBay account without a phone number with Tiger SMS: instructions

Tiger SMS is famous for its fast and simple service. Your new eBay account without a phone number is going to be ready to use within a couple of minutes. In case this is your first time using a virtual number, here are instructions to help you on your way. Follow these steps:

  1. Register on Tiger SMS using your email (we protect any of your personal data we collect);

  2. Find eBay in the catalogue on our main page (there’s a search bar or you can look through the list of platforms we support in case you stumble upon something interesting);

  3. Deposit money in your account to be able to pay for the number or numbers you’re going to use. You’ll see the price for a single message next to the name of the platform of your choice. We support several methods of payment;

  4. Select the country for your number for a service of your choice and press “Buy”;

  5. Now, on your personal page, you’ll see your new virtual number. Copy it and proceed with registering your new account;

  6. Once the verification code is sent, come back to Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code” for the number you’ve used. Confirm your new account and use it as you need.