Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Telegram Account Farm and Earning Over $1000 Monthly

How to create a Telegram account farm and earn over $1000 a month

How to create a Telegram account farm and earn over $1000 a month

Account farming is a fairly encompassing concept that introduces beginners to various misconceptions, but behind it lie other interesting definitions and meanings.

The main concept

In this article, we are specifically discussing Telegram account farming, although the concepts are uniform for different services. By "farming," we mean a whole system of specific actions that you must take to create ready-made accounts for sale.

Initial capital

The first component of starting your business is having initial capital, which you can use for various sources. The amounts vary, but you can easily start even with a small capital of 1000 rubles.

Choosing an SMS verification service

With the availability of initial capital, we can move on to the next stage – choosing a virtual number service, for example, TIGER SMS, which allows you to rent numbers to create Telegram accounts.

Choosing an earning tool

There are only two ways to register accounts on your own – manually (which is very tedious and ineffective) and using specialized software, for example, for Telegram it's TG GIANT, TG PIXEL, and others. Many softwares offer trial/free periods of use – so all paths are open to you!