How to open a second eBay account?

How to create a second eBay account?

How to create a second eBay account?

An effective way to conduct a successful business is by using an online auction and trading service, for example, eBay, one of the most successful. However, it is often necessary to have more than one account to be successful. This can be a challenge as creating a new profile requires phone number verification. To solve this problem, entrepreneurs can use the Tiger SMS activator to buy virtual numbers for eBay from countries all over the world to register new accounts on any popular site. 

Creating eBay multiple accounts is easy with a virtual number. This is a more cost-effective solution than getting new SIM cards, as the SMS generator works online, and the accounts obtained using virtual numbers are just as reliable as standard ones. Additionally, buying existing profiles is not a reasonable option as they are often unreliable.

Can you have 2 eBay accounts?

 To create multiple eBay accounts using virtual numbers, entrepreneurs need to find a reliable SMS activation service such as Tiger SMS. With virtual numbers from Tiger SMS, you can have two eBay accounts within several minutes. Here are several benefits of using the service:

  • low prices (virtual numbers are much cheaper than real ones);

  • online operation (all functions are available within several clicks);

  • safe accounts (any account registered with a virtual number is totally secure for the security system);

  • accounts obtained using virtual numbers are identical to standard ones;

  • far more reliable than a second-hand account with an unknown history.

If you want to open a second eBay account, it's crucial to find a reliable SMS activation service to avoid wasting time and money. We highly recommend using Tiger SMS for the following reasons:

  • our prices are highly competitive in the lower price range of the market;

  • we guarantee a 100% result in SMS reception;

  • we offer a broad range of countries from which to select your telephone operator, including Russia, Germany, the USA, Australia, Brazil, and Japan;

  • our service supports almost all popular sites where account registration and phone number linking are provided, including the setup of a second eBay account;

  • the more virtual numbers you purchase, the lower the prices. Consider becoming a wholesale client to take advantage of our lowest rates when you open a second eBay account;

  • our service uses a modern web interface, offers various payment methods, and a well-thought-out API to provide maximum convenience to our customers;

  • our support chat is always available to help customers overcome any difficulties they may encounter.

How to create multiple eBay accounts: a guide

If you want to know how to have 2 eBay accounts, it is important to follow the right steps to save time and avoid wasting money. We recommend trusting reliable services that are loyal to their customers, such as our SMS generator. If you have never used our virtual numbers before, we suggest reading the detailed instructions and ensuring their reliability. Here is how you can create multiple accounts (eBay or any other platform) using our service:

  1. Register on Tiger SMS using only your email.

  2. Find your service (eBay, for example) in the list and choose the country of the telephone number;

  3. Before creating a second eBay account, add funds to your profile based on the amount indicated next to the selected platform. We accept bank cards, e-wallets, and crypto;

  4. Press “Buy” once you are ready with your choice;

  5. Go to and go through standard registration using a number you will find on your personal page;

  6. Verify your new account with the code.

Once you have completed these steps, your second eBay account registration will be complete. If you want to know whether you can have two eBay accounts, you have a detailed procedure.

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