How to create a WeChat account without a phone number in 2023

How to create a new WeChat account without a phone number

WeChat is a popular Chinese messenger from the Tencent company with the more or less usual set of features: texts, audio and video calling, file transfer, and an application for a PC and a phone. However, it has over 1,5 billion users, and thus it is an important platform in the Asian market.

If you need to use WeChat without a phone number, there are several options available. In this article, we are going to discuss them all, however, the best one is to register on WeChat through a virtual number from Tiger SMS.

The official way to get a WeChat account without a phone number

Using an app anonymously is definitely not an option when you deal with something coming from China. Let’s see what the options are. So, you start by downloading the app on the phone or your PC. Once you finish the installation, you’ll see the following page:

The official way to use WeChat without a mobile number is to log in through an account on Facebook or Apple and give the app access to your personal data. After this, the app will fill in all the necessary fields in your new account.

Yes, technically you get a WeChat ID without a phone number, but this way your privacy is not preserved in any way and the app still has access to all your info. This is also not applicable if you need many accounts. Also, the messenger is going to continue bothering you with the suggestion to provide your phone number all the time. The last thing: profiles with no phone number are in the risk zone and get banned by the system more easily.

Another way is to ask for a verification by a friend. An established WeChat user with an account over 1 month old can scan a specially generated QR code and confirm an account to the system. While this is not the worst solution, it still doesn’t relieve you from those nagging reminders to provide a number.

Luckily, Tiger SMS provides a fast, cheap and reliable solution that is not jeopardizing your future account (or however many accounts) in any way.

How to register at WeChat without a phone number through Tiger SMS

If none of the above-mentioned methods looks good to you, you still don’t need to share your real number. Go with a virtual number and get a proper account without risking your data. Such accounts are completely legitimate and attract no unwanted attention from the security system. The only thing which is different from using your real number is that your verification code would be received on our website instead of your phone.

Tiger SMS offers WeChat registration numbers for only $1,51. We provide a convenient and simple interface, several payment options and instant service. You’ll also be able to choose the country for your virtual number in order to associate your new profile with a certain location.

How to log in on WeChat without a phone number: a full guide

1. Step number one: register at Tiger SMS with your email address. Other than that, you’ll have to think of a password.

2. Put some money into your account in order to buy the number you want. We support numerous payment options so that is not going to be a problem.

3. Find WeChat in the list of offers and select a country for your number. Use the search bar if needed (this way the process takes even less time). We would also recommend checking online what countries are not a good option for a WeChat verification number. Select a reliable country in advance not to have any issues. Once you’re ready for the purchase, press “Buy”.

4. Open the app and start the registration procedure with the number you bought from Tiger SMS.

5. Once you get to the stage with SMS confirmation, come back to Tiger SMS and wait for the code to arrive. Normally it comes instantly but sometimes you might have to wait for a minute or two. After you have the code, confirm your new account with it.

Now it’s done. Your account at WeChat without a phone number is ready to use. It’s absolutely reliable but anonymous and cannot be connected to your personality unless you want that. At Tiger SMS you can buy as many numbers as you want (thus, creating an equal number of accounts at WeChat or any other platform). Do you have any questions left? Don’t hesitate to contact our online support - we’ll be happy to help you.