How to Avoid Getting Blocked on Telegram Due to Message Broadcasting

How to Avoid Getting Blocked on Telegram Due to Message Broadcasting

How to Avoid Getting Blocked on Telegram Due to Message Broadcasting

Restrictions on Telegram accounts can range from temporary bans, such as for 10 days, to indefinite suspensions of access. There are various types of restrictions: from temporary bans on sending messages to complete inability to communicate with anyone except contacts from your list.

Accounts on Telegram are often blocked for several main reasons:

  1. Explicit Spamming: Creating temporary channels solely for mass broadcasting of service offers, courses, and more. Such accounts are typically swiftly removed or blocked due to violations.

  2. Messages with Links: Messages containing links that may be perceived as misleading—such as offers of contest winnings or prompts to follow specific links. A single complaint can lead to the account being flagged for moderator review, resulting in temporary access restrictions.

If your Telegram account has been blocked, there are several ways to attempt recovery:

  • Use the @SpamBot in Telegram to gather information about the duration of the block and instructions for filing an appeal. You can express disagreement with the block and follow the bot's instructions to file a complaint.

  • Try emailing Telegram at, explaining your situation and providing arguments for why you believe the block was unjust.

Both methods provide a chance to restore your account if you can demonstrate your position and explain why the block was unwarranted.

To prevent blocking on Telegram, adhere to the platform's basic guidelines.

Here are key points:

  • Avoid mass broadcasting identical messages, as this can be perceived as spam.

  • Do not send links to users who are not in your contact list.

  • Double-check message recipients to avoid inadvertent spam accusations.

  • Do not use personal accounts for mass broadcasting.

  • Craft messages in a way that does not resemble typical spam. Sometimes, using an informal communication style and avoiding links and calls to action in the first message can be helpful.

To minimize the risk of blocking on Telegram during mass message broadcasts, companies are advised to use the Telegram bot Wahelp. This tool functions as personal messaging within the messenger, significantly reducing the likelihood of account blocking. With it, companies can:

  • Inform customers about current promotions and special offers to encourage repeat purchases and visits.

  • Distribute gifts, coupons, and attract new customers.

  • Automate responses to user queries, such as providing detailed information about products or services.

  • Provide a main menu with essential company information, price lists, and promotions, facilitating customer access to necessary information and self-booking for appointments.

If the above information does not help, we recommend using temporary virtual numbers from TIGER SMS. With these, you can quickly create a new Telegram account.

To begin registration:

  1. Go to the TIGER SMS website and complete the registration process.

  2. Add funds to your account balance.

  3. Select the Telegram service and specify your desired country.

  4. Buy a number for registering on Telegram.

  5. Obtain the SMS verification code from the TIGER SMS platform and proceed to verify your account.


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