How to make a second VK account

How to add another account in VK

VK is one of the most used social networks. It’s widely popular in Eastern Europe with several dozens of millions of active users logging in daily. Since phone number verification became mandatory for using VK, many older users now face an issue setting up a secondary VK account. With a virtual number from Tiger SMS, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. But before we explain how to do that, let’s discuss why people want a second VK account. 

The reasons can be as follows:

  • people want a fully anonymous account not connected to their real personality in any way;

  • some users want one more page on VK for personal reasons;

  • promoters and marketing specialists often use several pages for promotion. 

Even though you might have some other reasons for getting VK two accounts, you can hardly get a secure solution without using virtual numbers. On Tiger SMS a number for VK costs only 12 cents (or even cheaper for bulk customers). Read on if you want to know the details.

How to add multiple VK accounts?

Officially you cannot have several accounts on VK. The platform’s administration wants to make each page unique and tied to a person. Thus, they do everything they can to prevent people from registering several pages. However, since many people want to create a second VK account, there is a solution.

Mind that when you make a second VK account you shouldn’t use it for active promotion or spam - when several accounts are being used from the same IP, the security system of VK quickly detects and blocks them. So be careful with this and use a solution for IP change.

How to make a second VK account with a virtual number?

In order to buy a virtual number for VK there is a simple procedure to follow. Have a look below:

1. Register an account on Tiger SMS and confirm it with your email. It’s needed to give you control over your purchases and an opportunity to restore access in case you forget your password.

2. Deposit money in your account in the way which is the most comfortable for you. You’ll find a button on your personal page.

3. We support many payment options including crypto, so you’ll for sure find the one which works for you. Since all the transfers are instant, this won’t take a lot of time. 

4. After topping up your account you can buy the numbers you want. Open the list of our offers and find VK (use the search bar if you are in a hurry).

5. Buy the necessary offer and find your new number on your personal page.

No matter how many numbers you need, you always have enough available. Check our catalog - maybe VK second account is not the only option you’ll want to use.

How to open a second VK account with Tiger SMS?

Your number is now active so you can move to actual registration. Here’s how to set up a second VK account with a number from Tiger SMS:

1. Open the main page of VK and start registering as usual.

2. When asked for the number, type in the one you bought from us. Then, come back to Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code”. Now you’ll receive a verification code for your second VK profile. 

3. Use it on VK. Your new page is ready, and you can proceed with filling in the info you want.

The whole procedure is very fast and simple. There are no issues to deal with. With Tiger SMS you can have as many profiles as you want.

Why open a second VK account and not buy an existing one?

Some people think that buying a second-hand account is the only option for having multiple VK accounts. We want to assure you that not only it’s not a unique method, but it’s not even the best one. And here’s why:

1. Reliability. If you buy a second-hand account, you never know if you’re the only person having access to it. Quite often dishonest people sell those profiles to several people.

2. Risk. Almost all profiles sold on the second-hand market are mass-registered by a bot. VK’s security system detects their activity very fast, and thus your profile is already at risk of a ban even before you use it. An account created with a virtual number attracts no attention from the security system and can be used as any other personal account.

3. Cost. Used accounts are much more expensive than an SMS with the verification code on Tiger SMS.

Now you know how to have two VK accounts and that’s the best way to do that. Come back to Tiger SMS whenever you need a new account on VK or any other platform - we’re here to take care of your privacy.