How to Register on Instagram in Russia

How to Access Instagram in Russia

How to Access Instagram in Russia

Instagram is a social network founded in 2010 that allows users to share photos and videos and communicate with each other. Users can follow other participants and view their content in their news feed. The social network also provides tools for editing photos and videos. All of this has made Instagram extremely popular worldwide.

Unfortunately, residents of Russia cannot use all of these features. Instagram is still blocked in Russia in 2023 by order of Roskomnadzor. When attempting to access the site or open the app, the user will see a "white screen."

Let's figure out how to access Instagram in Russia. It is necessary to separately talk about registering a new profile. The "Tiger SMS" service can help you with this, where you can buy virtual numbers at low prices. Among other advantages, a convenient interface, instant SMS reception, and phones from any country in the world are noted.

How to Log in to Instagram in Russia

It should be noted that the social network did not introduce restrictions against Russian users. This significantly simplifies the task of access. Instagram in Russia works if you hide your real address. Various VPN services are used for this purpose. Let's list the most popular ones:

  • iTop VPN;

  • Hotspot Shield;

  • TunnelBear;

  • Proton VPN;

  • Speedify.

All of these services have free functionality that should be sufficient for using Instagram. If you need to expand your capabilities, a paid subscription is connected.

It should be noted that Roskomnadzor is actively counteracting. If you cannot log in to your profile on the social network and are thinking about how to open Instagram in Russia, most likely the service addresses have been blocked. Here, switching to another program or connecting a paid subscription will help.

How to Register on Instagram in Russia

Many are concerned that Instagram management may follow the example of other companies that have restricted access for Russian users. In this case, it is worth creating a profile using a foreign number.

Let's consider a detailed registration instruction. The task is divided into two stages - purchasing a virtual number and using it when creating an account. Let's start with the first task:

  1. Register on the "Tiger SMS" website. You need to provide an email address or create a profile in one click by importing data. Regardless of the chosen method, the user can be sure of confidentiality. This is the basis of our company's policy.

  2. Replenish the balance. You can use any of the proposed payment systems, crypto wallet, etc.

  3. Start making purchases. First, specify the desired service (Instagram), then the country. The price for each country is presented, which is convenient for choosing the cheapest option.

  4. The number is saved in the "Number History" section. It is available to the user forever (until it is used to receive SMS).

For wholesale buyers, we offer bonuses and discounts. To receive them, you need to contact the manager.

Let's move on to the second part, when an account is created on the social network. Since Instagram is prohibited in Russia, it is necessary to activate a VPN service.

  1. Go to the registration window. You need to specify the virtual number that you bought in the previous steps. Fill in all other fields.The system notifies you of the SMS sending. To receive it, go back to the "Tiger SMS" website.

  2. Go to the "Active Numbers" section. Click the "View SMS" button and copy the code provided.

  3. Insert the code into the field on the registration page and complete the verification.

We have examined in detail how to use Instagram in Russia and create a new account. This is a simple task that does not involve any difficulties or "pitfalls."

When Will Instagram be Unblocked in Russia?

Is there a chance to see the social network again without the need to use VPN services? Many people hope that the company's representatives will agree to lift the restrictions. The question of whether Instagram will be unblocked in Russia is not what to expect. If you look at the list of banned resources, it is constantly increasing. Roskomnadzor representatives do not provide any comments. For this reason, it is worth worrying now about how to make Instagram work in Russia. If you want to register a new account on any social network or service, the "Tiger SMS" website will help you in this endeavor.

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