How to create multiple account viber?

How do I register multiple Viber accounts

A fast and simple messenger, Viber has over 800 million users a month. Since phone number verification is necessary to use the app, more and more people are looking for a way to have multiple Viber accounts on Android or iOS without exposing their real numbers. 

Luckily, with virtual numbers from Tiger SMS you don’t have to use your real number when setting up an account. What is more, you can choose the country to associate your account with if it’s important for you. 

We offer Viber verification numbers from as low as 7 cents. With us you’ll be able to have two Viber accounts or as many as you want to without risk or effort.

A guide to Viber second account with a virtual number

Setting up 2 Viber accounts is a simple and quick task thanks to a friendly interface and clear functionality.

1. Register on Tiger SMS. It’s a fast step where you’ll have to type in your email.

2. Deposit some money into your account. We try to support many payment options so that all our customers could find a convenient solution. 

3. Go to the store and choose Viber from the catalog. Use the search bar if you want to save time. Choose the country and buy the number. 

Having bought a number for Viber (second account) you can move to the next step:

  1. Start registering a Viber account as usual. When the system asks for your number, give the virtual number you’ve just bought.

  2. Return to Tiger SMS and press “Get SMS code” for this number. Wait until the verification code arrives and copy it.

  3. Use the code to confirm your account.

Now your account is ready to be used. If you need more, feel free to register as many as you wish.

Why do people opt for virtual numbers instead of their personal ones?

Some people still buy SIM cards every time they want to set up a new account. However, for users of Viber, a second account created with a virtual number is better in any relation.

  1. A virtual number is anonymous. We only ask for your email and never share any of your data with third parties. Buying a SIM card almost always means disclosing your identity.

  2. With Tiger SMS everything is done online and thus faster and more convenient (you don’t have to shuffle with SIM cards and your phone)/

  3. It’s just cheaper. Paying for a single SMS with the code is nothing compared to buying a real number.

So, can you have 2 Viber accounts? Yes, two reliable and cheap accounts with virtual numbers from Tiger SMS. Give it a try!